Thursday, July 5, 2018


WARNING: Little bit of grossness ahead... skip the first paragraph if you don't want to read about it!
 So it's kinda funny how Instagram can portray a pretty good image and for me, that day was yesterday... and the day before. For the last two days, we've pretty much been dealing with a projectile vomiting gremlin aka, Merrick. We recently switched him to whole milk and at first, he took the transition really well. He liked it, drank it and there were no side-effects... until a few days in. This is when he started throwing up everywheeeeeere and it was always after he drank his milk... So anyway, long story short, yesterday, right as were pulling into my grandmothers neighborhood to watch fireworks, Merrick makes that notorious SOUND (parents and pet-parents, you know exactly what I'm referring to), devon whips off his seatbelt, jumps in the back and that's when puke goes all over merrick, his carseat, devon and our brand new car🤗 I think I took flight while flying through the neighborhood to get to our destination where we quickly parked, pulled him out and hosed down e v e r y t h i n g, and then he got his second bath of the day and my car got it's THIRD detail job and we haven't even owned it for a whole week yet lol. Some serious thanks to my husband for being the best human on the face of the earth and only cashew milk for Merrick Wade from here on out. 
      So how was y'alls Fourth!? Hopefully it started a little better than ours! Haha

     Anyway... a few days ago I received a PR box from Laura Mercier (what a post to mix the two topics, right??) so I could test out a few products; Namely the Primer, Tinted Moisturizer and Highlighter. First off, I love LM. This Translucent Powder is a MUST-HAVE of mine and has been for the last couple of years. I cannot live without out. I've also used this LM primer for as long as I can remember and it's definitely remained one of my Top 3 primers to date! 

So after yesterday, where I was in total mom-mode (which is why I couldn't have cared less about a IG pic yesterday) to today where I get to be in business owner mode, get dressed up, do my hair and apply makeup so I can meet with two clients -- I'm already way too excited about it all and wanted to share my routine with products used since this is a rarity these days....


     First off, this LM Hydrating primer is one of my classic picks because it doesn't leave that overly smooth-finish-feeling like a lot of primers have. It feels slightly more moisturizing, which is why I love it. I also have pretty oily skin and I think the extra moisture helps keep the oil away and when you have heat mixed with humidity like we've had in Virginia these past few weeks, it takes a good product to hold your look together and this one does a good job of that!

     Second, I applied this LM tinted moisturizer in shade Natural with a beauty blender. Y'all know I can't stand heavy, full-coverage products so this Tinted Moisturizer does an amazing job keeping it light and keeping you fresh-faced while also covering redness and imperfections.

     Third, I always use this concealer under my eyes and blend in with a beauty blender. After that, I apply this LM translucent powder to my face to pretty much seal everything in.

     After that, I used this brand new bronzer + blush palette that I bought a few weeks ago! It's seriously so beautiful, I didn't even want to use it haha but once you dig in, it's so worth it! And perfect for summer because it gives the perfect color payoff while keeping you looking fresh and not caked. After that, I dusted on a little bit of this LM highlighter and then finished the look by filling in my brows with this ABH pencil and then applying this gel and then I add a few layers of this YSL mascara and my makeup look is done! It's so easy and such a light routine for summer by keeping everything minimal, bronzy and dewy but still clean and promises not to melt off!

I also have been loooooving this lipgloss for summer in the color Opal and this lipliner paired with it! I use it everyday!

I'm still working on my favorite Amazon finds and will post that soon -- please let me know if there are any other posts you want me to do in the future - xo

xx, tbp


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