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Today's post is all about my favorite SPF skincare finds! Everything but the self tanner has SPF but they all protect you from the sun, in one way or another because prevention over treatment is key and that's why I always love sharing posts like this when summertime hits!

      Now don't get my protection from the sun confused with getting sun. I still enjoy being outside and having a natural summer glow but and honestly, I have the skin that tans no matter how much SPF or inside time I have (thanks to the Greek genes, I guess!) but I always use SPF and I get a spray tan every single week (usually on Fridays but this week, it'll be a Monday, go figure!) to keep up with my tan. I do yard work in normal clothes, hang by the pool and still lounge by the lake when we're there so sunshine and me aren't strangers but when I do plan on being outdoors, I take even the simplest precautions like wearing a hat and remembering to reapply sunscreen about every hour or so. It takes awhile to get into the habit of doing this but I think having kids helps because I always make sure they're lathered up 24/7 so when they get sunscreen, so do I.

     So now on to my spray tan regimen because I always get asked what I use and what I do to keep up with my tans if I don't actually go tanning or lay out, so here it is!
I go to my local tanning place that has Mystic Tanning. If you aren't sure what this is, it's basically a spray tan machine and a lot of salons have them, so call around to find one if you're interested in doing the same steps! Anyway, I usually go every Friday or Sunday but before I go, I take a shower that morning (or the night before) to exfoliate all of the old spray tan off. Sometimes it doesn't all come off but that's okay, because the next few steps will explain why this isn't really that important, even though I try to remove as much as I can. Anyway, I really love these two sugar scrubs because they're gentle and smell amazing! This one is the more expensive one and runs about $38 but it makes my skin feel so moisturized after I rinse it off that I can't stop buying it! This one is great too, smells amazing and is currently on sale for only $8!
     Once I get to the tanning place, I use the Mystic Spray with Dark tan, accelerator (which basically balances your skins pH levels which creates a more even tan when applied and a more even fade), then I get the Triple Boost which is an instant dark color that I feel gives me more of a color the following day as well and then I get the Vanilla Scent added to it - That one is my favorite!
     A spray tan will last pretty much all week, with showering everyday but if for some reason it doesn't I love using this line of self-tanners, the Dark Express being my absolute favorite.

Now on to my skincare! These are my favorite product at the moment, and they all have SPF included:

My daily moisturizer is SPF 47 and I don't find it to be greasy or oily at all. It pairs well with my other products and absorbs well into my skin before I apply anything else. My favorite primer is this one and ever since I bought it, I don't think I'll be able to live without it. It glides on like butter and leaves my skin feeling SO smooth! Definitely worth the price, although I don't think this would be a product I'd add to my beach bag for fear of it melting away but it's still a regimen item I can't live without! This is my favorite foundation and has been for over a year. I love the way it covers, even though it's so lightweight and that it comes with a pump for easy application! And last but not least, this is the best all-over body oil! It smells nice and will leave your skin feeling silky and looking so glowy, plus it covers all the bases for the rest of your body by being SPF 30!

I hope y'all are having the best summer and enjoying all of the sunshine and warm weather! I know me and my crew are! Please let me know if you have any of SPF favorites that I should try or add to this list because I'm all about skincare and how I can be better protected when it comes being in the sun!

xx, tbp


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