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When I posted a picture on IG stories about two weeks ago, I got a ton of messages asking about my workouts, motivation and tips so I figured I'd post everything in a blog post because if there's one person asking questions, there are 100 others that aren't. That's my mindset and to be honest, I'm so pumped that people want my opinion on this lol Like y'all trust me enough for this info? Uhmm, totally flattered!

     I'm NOT a fitness expert... I think that goes without saying and I don't follow a fitness or diet plan... I've just used trial and error to bounce back to the best of my ability with a 6 month old and a 3 year old running around!
To be honest, I'm way happier with my success this time around. When I had Penelope, I didn't get back into the gym until a month before her first birthday so the fact that I've been dedicating 5-6 days a week since Merrick was 4 months old is HUGE. I gained 30lbs during my pregnancy and lost all of my muscle so to see the inches dropping and the muscle definition coming back is a big deal for me and I'm SUPER proud of my progress so thank you to everyone that sent kind words! Means a lot!

     Before I start my tips, would anyone be interested in being apart of a texting fitness group?? I know we're all at different places in our fitness journeys but I'd love to have a common place for us to meet to share goals, recipes, memes (cause I don't want to be anywhere that jokes aren't) workouts and most of all, motivation. If that's something you'd be interested in, or are already a part of group that does this and they're accepting newbs - let meh know!

So now that that's all outta the way - let's talk about the tips and tricks.

First thing that's ALWAYS first. THE MUSIC.
When I workout, I HAVE to have music. Devon is such a weirdo because he never works out with music and I find it so freakin' odd that he can pump out a workout without jams. (I love him to death but who does that?) So here are a few songs that I'm lovin':

1) East Coast Remix A$AP Ferg
2) Replay Rich Homie Quan
3) Hallelujah Pan!c at the disco
4) Seen It All Jeezy
5) HUMBLE Kendrick Lamar
6) Swang Rae Sremmurd
7) Wyclef Jean Young Thug
8) All There Jeezy
9) All On Me Devin Dawson
10) Breakdown Jack Johnson (great cool down song)

All of those songs are on my current playlist and they def help my workouts tick by faster. I love my Wireless SoloBeats but I'm thinking about getting the PowerBeats wireless earbuds since I'm looking for something lighter when I run but my bigger headphones are great for cardio on the stair stepper and when doing weights - highly recommend!

So after music, WORKOUT GEAR.
I'm a sucker for workout clothes. I mean, how can I not be when it's the only thing I wear during the week haha. My favorite leggings are from Lululemon and I was asked about them A LOT when I posted this picture a few weeks ago. You can find similar ones linked HERE.
These leggings are not only so cute with the mesh detail but they are COMFORTABLE. I constantly wear these for workouts and travel. Although the ones I just posted are similar, they don't have the zip pocket detail on the front. I'm pretty sure that's what people were after so I'll have to see what I can find and link them on instastories.

My current favorite are these Adidas NMD running shoes. It's great for quick cardio sessions and weights. I've noticed that it does have a small arch in the shoe, which is different than my Nikes. I have flat feet (ha) so the arch, for me, is pretty noticeable and for someone like my husband with enough arch for the both of us (LUMI), he says he really likes them.

This was a recurring question I got after I posted on IG stories... and to be honest, I don't take a lot of them. I take THESE b-12 vitamins daily and I had a TON of prenatal vitamins leftover so I still take those.
I don't take pre workout at all, but I do like drinking my post workout protein drink using 8oz SILK cashew and almond milk mixed with one scoop of THIS PROTEIN. You can get it online but I usually buy it at Vitamin Shoppe and sometimes I see it at Target.
And when I want a small snack, I blend half of a frozen banana, one scoop of the protein powder, a scoop (tbsp) of peanut butter and 8-10oz of the SILK Almond Cashew milk. Seriously the best.



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