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Here we are.. Week 9. Holy crap. I can't even tell you where the time has gone. Merrick is smiling, laughing, hiccuping like crazy and pretty much the puzzle piece none of us even knew we were missing. It's crazy how you heart can just grow and expand like that... We're still adjusting and Penelope has still been a total dream through all of it. My heart explodes for her because I know going from being the only-child to sharing your parents can't be easy but she has totally gone above and beyond my hopes and dreams for how this transition could go!
 Oh, and before I forget.. because my mind always races these days:
Just a little side-note to the new moms out there... I just want you to know that the first two months are the hardest. Your hormones are still adjusting, you're getting used to your new normal and you're establishing new routines, all while running on zero sleep. It can be exhausting and full of crying - from you and the babe but just know; it gets better. So much better! And time really does fly by. I've always been told that the days are long but the years are short, and I've never heard a statement more true than that.

Merrick is finally sleeping through the night (at least it feels like that to us, haha)
When he was a newborn, like brand-spankin new, he would wake up every two hours on. the. dot.
We got one night of 5 hours and I think that gave me enough energy to get through the next few weeks because Devon and I both handled it like champs.
He finally started sleeping from about 9PM-5AM within the last week and has had more "full" nights of sleep than nights where he still needs to be fed every 3hrs or so, so we're finally starting to feel a little less zombie-like and a little more like our pre-newborn selves.

I have also been loving the Wonder Weeks App (again) because it is SO spot-on. I almost can't believe the accuracy of it and how helpful it is. If you aren't familiar with it, it just basically fills you in on growth-spurts your little one will go through during the first year and a half of their life. We just went through leap 2 and it was pretty much consistent; although he slept through the night, he wouldn't nap if my life depended on it. So for almost two weeks, I had two babies to tend to, one adamently more fussy than the other, BUT WE MADE IT. He's now back to his sleepy, snoozy-self and I'm back to folding laundry and checking the baby monitor every 5 seconds lol

Other than taking a million pictures of my TWO kids (I can't believe I'm even saying that - it still isn't real to me yet) I've loved seeing the relationship between P and Merrick form and grow. Although we will be going through some changes in the coming months when P starts school in August, I can't want to spend the summer with the two of them - every single minute.

ANYWAY.. I totally meant to get this post out when Merrick turned a month old but life is a blur and I'm finally getting around to what we're loving at a month+! It's amazing how many new things there are to try in just three short years since I had P! There are soooo many new gadgets - some worth it, some not. I'll be sharing my thoughts on it alllllll, so here it goes....


which we purchased HERE. It's a TOTAL dupe for the Bratt Decor cribs but half of the price. I fell in love with the rod iron look but I didn't want to pay the price for a BD one so I searched and found the one we ended up getting and to be honest, I couldn't be happier. It's SO solid, sturdy and was so easy to put together - I was able to do it alone (carrying it and all) at 8 months pregnant, if that tells you anything. It's probably my favorite feature of the nursery!

I totally thought this would be a gimmick, I won't lie. I thought it was all hype and would end up on the floor, or at the end of our bed just hanging out until I finally put it away for good but I was SO wrong. This little thing is a MUST-HAVE. Merrick has slept in this since the day he came home from the hospital! I even bought bought Penelope the Grand dock because the poor girl fell out of her bed the other night and I've been afraid of it happening again ever since. I also got Merrick the grand for when he gets a little bigger because I love it SO much!
Plus, the Deluxe now comes with a little toy bar that Merrick loves to stare and grab at! We were able to skip out on the playmat completely this time because the dockatot doubles as both - woohoo.

To be honest, we haven't used it. It's a solid, sturdy piece that Penelope uses to hang off of and swing with. The good news? It hasn't fallen over soooo that's good, right? Maybe we'll get some use out of it when M is a little older... we'll see. But for right now, it's a catch-all in our room.... ha


Well, if you followed my story with Penelope, you'd know my background with breastfeeding. I had truly hoped it would work out this time but hey, it didn't. It's either me or a genetic factor with me or between them but both of my kids lose weight drastically when I breastfeed - to a point that it's dangerous and it got pretty severe with Merrick this time. Unfortunately, I just can't pump. Trust me, I've tried everything. Cookies, tea, lactation consultants - everything to pumping all. day. long. I just don't get a let-down while pumping and that just happens to some women and well, I'm one of em'. I have a great supply but I can't use a pump and hand-expressing just takes entirely too much time with a toddler around and when you start to supplement and you can't pump, unfortunately your supply takes a hit. I'm sad that I don't get that one-on-one but I'm extremely lucky that we live in a world where I can get my hands on the VERY best formula. I hate to think if I lived in the stone-ages and the lack of options I would have... I may not have two beautiful babies and that thought is SCARY. So I remain thankful! Anyway, even if I'm not currently pumping or breastfeeding, I have a really great suggestions for those of you mamas that do!

THESE are AMAZING. The flow is super slow and truly mimics the flow of breastmilk. For the first two weeks that Merrick was breastfeeding, these didn't cause any nipple confusion whatsoever. They really made sure he was feeding and not becoming lazy at the boob PLUS they come in a glass bottle, which was an awesome plus.

I have truly enjoyed THESE for our day-to-day feedings. These bottles are made of silicone and have a squishy texture to them. I use these when we're on-the-go because they're lightweight and I'm not afraid of them getting smashed in the diaper bag or shattered if I dropped one when we're out at a restaurant or something.


This one stays stationary to our bathroom because I like to use it when I'm in the shower or doing my makeup because I just lightly sway it with my foot while I'm gettin' done up!
 I didn't want to invest in electric seat-swayer because we have a Rock-n-Play that Merrick LOVES and well, my foot works just as good. Also, it can hold up to 130lbs so i don't worry about Penelope plopping herself in it when it isn't occupied.

This seat is utter-amazingness. THIS ONE has wifi-connectability and allows you to change the settings on your phone. Now granted, I haven't really had to use that feature just yet because he's always within eyesight and an arms-length from me but it's something that I can definitely tell I'll use as he gets older! Besides that feature, it has the option to rock by itself! This is amazing and has really helped me out these last few weeks while I'm doing other things around the house because I don't have to be hands-on rocking all of the time! It also vibrates, plays music, has soundscapes, and a little light-show that projects on the visor, which also doubles for well-lit areas of our house, like the living room, where Merrick often sleeps and it allows some shade from the bright light coming from the windows. THIS is a definite must-have, mamas - Plus, it's amazing for babies with acid reflux because of the natural incline!

I use this as a stationary option in our living room because the typical swing just wasn't working out. Merrick REALLY loves back and forth motion rather than side-to-side so we bought this over the MamaRoo and so far, he loves it! You can get it HERE for pretty inexpensive and the shipping is super fast!


 For me, baby-wearing is a MUST. Penelope absolutely HATED being swaddled or worn so it wasn't an option with her but Merrick loves it and it allows me to grocery shop, do laundry - you know, everyday things that require two hands.
I think all wraps and slings are made the same and provide the same function - you just get to find a shop that carries a print and price that suits you and THIS one is really similar to the one I bought and it's a lot cheaper!


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