Monday, May 22, 2017

FLORAL MAXI | fashion

So naturally, I have one sister by blood but in 40 days, I'll have another sister through marriageđź’› My brother-in-law is marrying his high school sweetheart and we couldn't be happier for them - it's about damn time! Mary is the most amazing aunt to our two kids and definitely one f the sweetest people I've ever met - her love for her family (and ours) is beyond measure and I think I'm counting down the days to their wedding just as frantically as they are HA. 
I love wedding season and seeing two people who fell in love join together and make that lifelong commitment towards each other... it's magical and definitely an event I'm sure to cry at without fail every. single. time.

But before the wedding, I've been getting outfits together for the bachelorette party in Charleston! My brother and his family live down in SC so I've been to the area a few times and have seriously fallen in love with the place! Mary's bridesmaids have taken the reigns and definitely made sure it'll be a weekend to remember but it wouldn't hurt to know the MUST-DO things if you live down there or have been there and done something unforgettable! We're open to hearing it allllll.

So about the clothes...!!
It's definitely going to be warm and (hopefully!) full of sun so I've planned on wearing nothing but dresses and rompers because of course, comfy is top priority while lounging in the sun etc. I'll do a separate post on all of the other pieces but I really wanted to focus on this amazing Floral maxi number from Shop Pink Blush! Unfortunately, this exact one is currently sold out BUT I'm going to link similar ones - they're the same dresses but just solid colors:
and make sure you use the code: SHOPNSAVE for 20% off!!

I was immediately drawn to the OFTS flutter-top of this dress and the light blue detail among the flowers. Now, when I actually got the piece in my hand, that was an entirely different story because I couldn't believe how amazing the quality was! This is not an ill-feeling dress by any means.. it's heavy and the quality is definitely there. I also loved the fact that the length was actually LONG. I'm not a tall person (only roughly 5'6) and it always seems like maxi dresses want to come off the ground about an inch and it drives me insane. If I'm shopping for a MAXI DRESS, it better sweep the floor.... and that might be just me, but that's why I think I love this dress even more because it actually touched the ground! I also think that this particular dress is maternity haha but also has a wide-range of non-maternity clothes and they're known for their versatility among their maternity transforming to post-pregnancy outfits, so although I'm not exactly pre-pregnancy size yet, this dress is still so flattering!



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