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    A few weeks ago, I was asked to do the makeup of a family friends daughter for Ring Dance and long-story-short, I have a whole new appreciation for makeup artists. I went in with my entiiiiiire makeup collection because I really wasn't sure what we would end up using, even down to the lashes. Thank GOD that it turned out amazing and she loved it lol *pats back*
 but since I've only done a few of my friends makeup and my sisters before, I won't lie - the nerves were reeeeeal. I definitely not a pro or anyone with a background in makeup, I just think it's a fun and a way to express yourself; Black eyeliner and brown eyeliner are used on different days, just like a false lash or a quick sweep of mascara on my real lashes would be. It all depends on my mood and truthfully, how much effort I'm wiling to put into it and to be honest, I'm sure I'll be using far less in the coming weeks because well - mom life - so for now, I'm getting dolled up any chance I can because it may be a little while before I have the time or energy. But hey, who knowsssssss. You surprise yourself sometimes!

Anyway, I have been using these products for a little while now and I wanted to give a review on em'.  Plus, the packaging on some of these are total 😍. 

BB and CC creams can claim 2012 like highlighters can claim 2016. I totally get it. But this particular one is waaaay more than a beauty balm. It covers like a foundation and is as weightless as a BB cream, if that makes any sense. It's perfect for days when you need the coverage to run errands and you don't want a full face on BUT AT THE SAME TIME... when you want to go full glam, this totally lets you do that too. It's pretty much a miracle in a tube.
I use color "Light" and even with a spray tan, it works really well with my skin. I think the colors are a tad off because I believe the color "Fair" would be more of a "Light" color in most other brands.... just fyi!

Dior Nude Air Luminizer
This highlighter is amazzzzingggg. I use 003 with or without a tan and it WORKS. It's more of a golden hue and highlights WITHOUT using sparkles - which soo many brands seem to veer off with these days. It's definitely a bit pricey and honestly, you could find an alternative for cheaper but I feel that the quality of this product is unmatched. It goes on smooth without settling into pores and fine lines like other ones I've tried - so if that's a huge plus for you, then this compact will be totally worth it! But if you can't see yourself spending that amount on a highlighter, then try this palette - you get 6 highlighters for only $28!

Becca Blurring Powder 
I saw this product for awhile before purchasing and when I finally made my way into Sephora to test it myself, I'm not gonna lie... I was hesitant. I was in a faithful relationship with Laura Mercier translucent powder for fooooorevveeerr and honestly, how many translucent powders do ya really need?? Plus, the color of the Becca powder is more of a peachy-tone and I was worried it would only be good for summer months - or not even a match at all. But, I walked around with the last box on the shelf and figured "Why not?" just buy it - if I hated it, I'd return it. No big deal. So anyway, super long story short - my makeup has never been the same since and although I haven't replaced my LM translucent powered completely, it has started taking a backseat to this powder! There are a few things I wanna address with the Becca Blurring Powder for those of y'all that are in the same boat I was:
The color:
It may look like it's only good for warmer skin tones but it magically buffs on the skin into the most translucent powder imaginable. I'm not sure if the color has anything to do with the blurring effect, but it definitely doesn't show any color payoff once applied - which is really nice!
The "Blur" effect:
IT WORKS. I have oily ski... yada yada... and my pores tend to be bigger in my oilier areas, especially on the apples of my cheeks. I use this brush, sweep it on the problem areas, such as my forehead, nose and cheeks and BAM. Smooth, airbrushed skin in a matter of 2.5 seconds. The tiniest bit goes a long way and creates the most flattering "blur" - it's magic.
The Price:
Although I bought mine from Sephora, there's currently a really good sale here! For only $34 you get the full compact and a really nice brush to use with it. The reviews for the brush are great so it's definitely a better buy. The original price at Sephora for just the compact alone is $38!

ABH Eyebrow + Eyeliner brush #12
I've been using this eyebrow pomade recently for my brows in the color chocolate and really needed a good brush to apply the product with precision and ease. I bought this brush because it's the smallest brush I could find that still seemed like good quality - so far, so good! I love the spooley end it comes with too - Totally necessary to tame wild brows!

Laura Mercier Foundation Primer in Radiance
This primer is a great mix between a really light moisturizer and primer in one. For the price, the tiniest bit goes a long way. Although I'd describe it as a moisturizer, it goes on a bit differently. I like to apply it by putting a little bigger than pea size amount on my hands, rubbing the product on the tips of my fingers and patting it on my face and then slowly rub the product outwards. I'll pat the remaining amount on my eyes just to make sure I get those too.

MAC Fix+
I don't care if you call this water-in-a-bottle -whatever. I looove this stuff. For having such oily skin, I tend to use a lot of powder products, which can inevitably look cakey or heavy, if used excessively. That's where this comes into play. It might be overkill, but for each powder product I use, I like to apply a few sprays of the Fix+ to my face... then I go in with the next product after the spray has dried and then I use it as a "setting" spray when I'm finished.
I've also been able to spray my eyeliner brush with this in order to use an eyeshadow as an instant eyeliner! I've found that the darkest shade from this palette is my go-to for brown eyeliner lately... it creates a soft line and adds depth to my eyes plus, it's the perfect color for blue eyes. It totally makes them pop.

Becca Blush in Camellia
This is a perfect spring and summertime blush. It's described as a "ballerina pink" and to me, that's totally fitting. I don't really like to use this when I'm more pale because the color payoff is so intense but when I get a fresh spray or a nice base tan mid summer, it's the perfect color to use! Again, I have a pretty neutral skin tone so I feel that this would work on a variety of faces. But if you're more pale year-round, then try this Becca blush in the color "Foxglove"

Foot Mask
And for the foot mask that I talked about on instagram that works so well, I almost ate it in my bathroom this morning - you can get that here! Sounds good, right? Feet so soft that you're gliding on silk? So good until you try to slide out 9 months pregnant. And the worst part? No one was there to laugh when it happened. So bummed. but the good news? Whenever our little guy decides it's time to come on out, I'm definitely bringing some of these socks to the hospital cause #hospitalbagessentials will be up on the blog here soon!
Plus, if you grab these little packets online right now, they're only like $2 each - Originally $5 in-store!


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