Thursday, March 2, 2017

SPRING OUTFIT INSPO | fashion + beauty

My style definitely varies day-to-day; I usually prefer to go super casual over dressy-dressy and lately, that has totally shown. 
     Basically: casual > anything that takes effort ha
So, today I'm sharing my faaaaavorite casual outfit + the BEST pair of jeans that literally go with everything AND they're 40% off making them only $40! 
In the boyfriend jeans, I suggest going down a size or two, depending on the look you want. More fitted, go down a size and for a more relaxed look, stick with that size you would typically buy. I go down a size and they fit exactly like these maternity jeans that I wore in this blog post.
I don't know how long they'll be marked down for but since I spotted them on sale, I figured I'd let y'all know too!
 They're my favorite brand of jeans in general, so if any other style catches your eye, don't hesitate - they're truthfully the best and super inexpensive for the seriously great quality you get! 

I also linked this seriously cute nursing bralette to wear under my sweaters and tees after this little dude is born (and definitely before because, yeah... comfort). It's sort of on the expensive side but the quality is reeeeeally good, which is definitely a necessity since it'll be tugged on and pretty much washed daily, ya know what I mean? But I wanted to share this one for the fraction of the cost - like we're talkin' $13! I love the thin straps and all of the colors they come in, so I grabbed a couple of them too!

Stud earrings are a staple for me because I always wear them. No question. They go with everything and they totally make me feel "put-together" even when I'm running out with my hair a mess and sunglasses on. These are great quality if you're not looking to dish on real diamonds, plus these will last just as long because they're sterling silver!

Speaking of sunglasses, I loved my other sunglasses so much that I had to get these too lol the color is totally fit for spring and I looove that these have the mirrored lenses.

Last but not least - these shoes! I'm obsessed with the ruffle detail! But I also secretly wanted a pair of Birkenstocks like these but I sorta refuse to pay $90 haha It's like I like them but do I really LOVE them? I wasn't so sure but I did find these and they're sooo cheap, it's crazy and all of the sudden, I fell in love. Plus, they're buy one get one for 50% off soooo you should totally grab em' all because I totally might.😍

Oh and lately, I've been getting the SNS dip polish rather than gel. They wear like acrylics BUT they come off like gel. They're definitely thicker than gel too but I love them because they last soooo much longer plus they don't have the damaging effects that acrylics do - score!
 My go-to color is the plain white and I pair it with this polish on my toes. It's my absolute favorite color combo of all time!


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