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I feel like searching for the best, functional baby gear has become my part-time job these days. When I got pregnant with Penelope, I. needed. EVERYTHING. and honestly, most of the things we didn't really use or Penelope didn't even love them (insert MamaRoo here). 
After spending a ton of money on wasted items, I was determined NOT to have a round-two of the same scenario, besides, we have a lot of the stuff already so we just needed to freshen up on a few things, especially since we're having a boy, we got the chance to reload on a lot of different colors this time and of course, clothes!

I wanted to share my list of baby essentials that I'm pretty excited to try and talk about a few things that we received this go-'round!
If you use or have any of these items, especially the big ticket ones, let me know! I'd love to hear what the mamas are loving!

DockATot c/o
I received this DockATot Deluxe+ for out little guy last week and was totally sitting like a kid waiting on Christmas for the UPS man to drop it off. The first thing I noticed (because it'd be impossible not to) was how well it was packaged - total luxury! 
Once it was opened and taken out of the packaging, I quickly realized that this is something we would be able to use for our future kids... and it's even something that I could pass down to another baby once we're done using it. It's soft, sturdy and easy to transport, which is a huge deal for us since we travel a ton in the summer.

These swaddles are amazing. They're sooo soft and have the most amazing amount of stretch! They'll be perfect for swaddling and naps since they're so soft and such a large size.

This cover is good for the car seat, shopping cart and breastfeeding - so versatile and I love the ivory/grey stripes. Perfect for my neutral taste but they also have so many great colors.

I think I was more infatuated with The Mamaroo when Penelope was born because it was new and a "total must-have" because you couldn't turn a corner without seeing one. I was such an advocate for it - until Penelope sorta ended up hating the thing. I was bummed more for the face that we only got about 3 months of use out of it before we ended up shoving it in a corner where it sat unused.
I think that the range of motion was almost too smooth for her liking because she was definitely a swing baby instead. This totally got me thinking that this time, I was going to skip out on the MamaRoo all together and just get something that mimics a swing, without the space required by one. Not that we don't have room but I wanted something we could travel with and that was a huge selling point when we decided to get the Leaf. 

Needless to say, we have a pretty high bed. I've but a regular bassinet beside our bed and it was uncomfortably low so that's why we went ahead with this because the base can be raised or lowered, depending on your specific needs. Plus, the base is HUGE, which means that it's super sturdy, even with two crazy dogs and a toddler running around our room. 

 I'm always on the hunt for shops that carry both boy and girl clothing, especially shops that have cute pjs because I'll admit, I'm sort of over-the-top when it comes to my kids pajama collection. All of the cute ones out there really make it easy for me to go overboard with the sleep gear and Finn + Emma are truly one of the best places to shop to get luxury sleepwear and comfy bodysuits for the little babes. Plus, all of their clothing is organic! 

Since putting an infant carrier on top of a  grocery cart is a definite no-go, these little cart hammocks come in such great use during shopping trips, especially with two kids! The hammock sits in the back of the cart and allows your little babe to relax, just like in the infant carrier while allowing you to fill the cart full - especially on target trips where you end up buying aisle 9.  

These bottles might be a hit or miss (let's hope little dude likes em') But I fell in love with them when I held one at Nordstrom a while ago because of how flexible and lightweight they are. They also have a double handle (which you can get HERE) for when it's time for your babe to start holding their own bottle - a feature that will be suuuch a lifesaver.


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