Monday, February 20, 2017

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Pregnancy is weird. You have emotions that you never really thought would bother of affect you and then there they are... Making tears stream down your face in the middle of story time with your first born. Yup. That's totally what happened last night when Devon and I were putting Penelope to bed. It finally hit me that these nights with just her are few. It won't be long until we have another baby to read stories to and share our time with.
It sounds silly when you type it out or say it aloud, which was exactly how I felt when Devon suddenly stopped reading Penelope's book to her to ask me why I was crying so hard.
Emotions, especially during these last couple of months, are out of control.

And speaking of adding more emotion to it all, we've finally started changing P's room to a big girl room. She's moving on up and this transition would probably be easier for me if I wasn't less than 2 months until I give birth but P is so, so excited to get a bigger bed and a "new" room which is helping make this whole transition easier and I'm so thankful because if kids wanted to stay as little as we wanted them to stay, I think we'd be way worse off. Parenting is hard enough, ha

Also, we've finished parts of little dudes room and we just ordered the crib.. I bought our hospital bag and have started making purchases for his arrival. Everything feels like it's going by warp speed and I'm typically not a very sensitive person when it comes to these things - like at. all. so all of this has made me react in a totally different way than I ever expected. Any other mama's out there with me?! Orrrrrr, just me?👀 

Shoes // Top // Maternity Jeans - use code GRABURSNOW for 25% off //
 Non-Maternity Dupes - less than $60 // Bag

So enough about my emotional state, I wanted to share with y'all some of the comfiest basics I currently own.
 I've been loving all of the cute spring heeled booties that are coming out but recently I've been reaching for more comfortable pieces for daily wear and anything that give my feet a break - sometimes even my cutest sandals don't work but these shoes are perfect. I love wearing my running Nikes but I felt like they were a little too casual to pair with jeans so when I saw these, I knew they were exactly what I was looking for - and I think I've worn them everyday since haha

My second most favorite basic would have to be this top - I literally have every color because I love them so much. It is so, soooo soft and lightweight and it's perfect to dress up or down and even though it's not maternity, it's totally bump friendly! I'm wearing my normal size small and the fit is still spot on.

I also purchased these distressed maternity jeans from, which is also having their President's Day Sale offering 25% off of your entire purchase with the code: GRABURSNOW - definitely check them out for maternity and even non-maternity gear! 
And if you're not preg, you can still get the identical version of those jeans, which I also own, btw! I highly, HIGHLY recommend them because they're super inexpensive and the fit is a dream. They don't stretch throughout the day and the run true-to-size which makes ordering online super easy! Click here to see those - They're less than $60!

Now, I totally understand that some of these things aren't in everybody's price range, so I'm going to be doing a post featuring really inexpensive basics geared toward spring! Like less than $10 per shirt, inexpensive so be sure to subscribe to my posts or follow me on instagram so you don't miss it! I'm pretty excited to share some of those great finds :)


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