Wednesday, February 8, 2017

SHOE DUPES | fashion

Besides sharing personal tidbits with y'all, sharing save or splurge posts are definitely one of my favorite things to blog about! It's definitely not a secret that I'm a sucker for shoes... my closet is fuuuull. It's insane. and although I love name-brands, sometimes I can't bring myself to buy a pair that I know I'll only wear for a short while because they're either a quick fad or they're a funky color that I know I'll only get use out of in the summer months or something, so I always resort to other websites to try and find really good dupes for the name-brand shoes I'm loving and truthfully, Target alwaaaaays comes through - So today, I'm sharing the best dupes I could find from there! Also, I mentioned on my Instagram that I'd be sharing a dupe for the ever-so-famous Rockstud sandals and you can find those HERE!
Personally, I think they're pretty spot-on, so if you haven't felt the urge to dish out around $900, then I think you'll like that $33 dupe insteadđŸ˜‰

I'm so excited about this post and I hope you find something that you've been lusting after! Just be aware that most of these dupes can only be found online, rather than in-store so be sure to grab your size FAST because there's no guarantee that they'll be restocked so just click on the particular shoe you're loving and it will take you straight to the site so you can make your purchase :)




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