Wednesday, February 22, 2017


[ This is a long-winded post geared towards a ton of my favorite picks for our little dude, so bare with me while I get it all out, haha ]

Okay, so I've mentioned before that I'm not really into graphic tees for kids... 
 Although Devon says the kid will come out thinking he's 30 because that's how I've designed his nursery and chose his clothes haha I'm just totally a neutral tone kinda person when it comes to clothing in general and it's been surprisingly hard to find what I like for little boys. *sigh*
But somehow, through word-of-mouth and just searching the internet, I've found some pretty great shops for boy clothes and one of my favorite places to shop has a HUGE sale going on right now!

Nap So Hard onesie // Bag (similar) // Blankets // Joggers // Bottle // Rattle

THIS is the shop I've been loving for the most perfect basics!
Since our little guy is due right in the beginning of April, I figured it would be somewhat cold (who knows though, it's been in the 70's the past two weeks) so that's why I loaded up on long sleeved onesies and long sleeved pjs to make sure he's warm those first couple of months. I found a ton that I fell in love with! They're such great quality and they have a really good selection of basics for both boys AND girls! 
Here's where the sale comes in: 
Use this code: v35zk91w so you can get an instant 30% off, even on their sale items! You can save huge especially when they have other sales going on because you'll be able to use the 30% off code o top of those other discounts!

Here are some links for the following styles:

THIS is the second place that I've been shopping at like crazy. Although they don't have great sales, their prices are good which makes it a good place to shop - especially for baby clothes! I've found a ton of winter gear here so I've stocked up on 6+ months clothing. These pieces are also great for girls too - Here are a few of my favorites!

I'm going to do a roundup of baby must-haves but I couldn't end this post without featuring the TwistShake bottle from Sweden! Although I plan to breastfeed, it's always a good idea to have bottles for back-ups in case I can't be around or Devon needs to take over for a feeding. It mimics mamas perfectly so babies can go from boob to bottle with ease, which is super beneficial - especially if you have a baby that has refused bottles previously.

And if you're not breastfeeding? Not an issue. This bottle is THE Blender Bottle of the baby world! It specifically comes with an extra container to easily carry formula in and it has a nice little screen the you place on the top of the extra container to ensure that your powder + water perfectly and easily mixed each time! When I formula fed P, I soo wish this was around because there's nothing, and I mean NOTHING, worse than getting a bottle clogged with powdery formula and having your baby fight to get milk.
It also helps that these come in the cutest colors! I chose the white but there are tons more, so check them out for your littles - even the older babes can get use out of these because they transform from a bottle to sippy with the change of the tip.
And since this company is so amazing, they're offering y'all 20% off with the code: taylorpilk20 and the code is good for your ENTIRE purchase!



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