Sunday, January 29, 2017

WEEKEND HAPPENINGS | Lifestyle + Beauty

We've been inside of the house more often lately since Devon's knee still isn't 100% after his surgery from a month ago and his gettin' around isn't what it used to be haha definitely getting better, slowly but surely but it wasn't really an easy operation to begin with so it's just gonna take some down time to get back on his feet - literally. So for now, we've been enjoying dinners at home (with the help of HelloFresh - read that post here) and having nightly binge sessions watching ID channel, which is mainly my thing but Devon's a good sport and watches along, although he would totally rather be watching golf.

So this past weekend, Penelope stayed with Devon's aunt for the night so we could have a much-needed date night and be home by 9PM. Haha, no seriously. We had the besssst dinner and went straight home and totally enjoyed being in bed by 9:30pm and "sleeping in" until 8 - totally what daydreams are made of.
 Saturday, we had half of the day to ourselves to do whatever and as we're trying to figure out what to do with alllllll of our free time (parents, you understand the struggle), Devon suggested that we hit Sephora (I love that man) so I could use a random gift card that I had found from Christmas - day. made. My husband seriously suggested SEPHORA as a date. Lucky... blessed... whatever. I hit the jackpot.
So after shopping around, I bought a few things that I had been eyeing for a couple of weeks and just wanted to share them with y'all!
I love trying new things and testing new products so finding a gift card in my wallet behind a few other junk cards I had hanging out in there was the perfect treat before we went back to pick up our sweet gal :)

Also, if you haven't noticed, I've been using a new platform called on instagram. It will send you ALL of the info on my pics - from what I'm wearing to beauty and everything else in between, even with kids stuff! So make sure you sign up HERE so you'll start receiving emails within 10 minutes on posts you've liked that have LTKI installed. Sooo easy😊

Anyway - HAPPY SUNDAY. The weekends are going by faster and faster and I sincerely hope that the warmer weather comes as quick as Mondays do.



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