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It's only hilarious because everything they say about being pregnant with baby no.2 is totally true. You. DON'T. have. TIME. I'm just coming to the realization that we only have 12 weeks or so to go before we meet this little guy. TWELVE FREAKIN WEEKS... Or maybe more because he could be late and my doctor won't induce until I'm an entire 42 weeks along sooo it could be a long 14 week wait before we meet the guy that has been kicking me square in my ribs for almost 5 months now. According to the last ultrasound, he was suuuuper long, just like his sister... teeny but looooong. Long fingers, long arms and super long legs that bunch up next to his poor little face already. No wonder P never liked to be swaddled or cuddled... she had had enough by the time she was born and I don't blame the child.
I've also noticed my energy level going down a bit. I usually can get ready for bed and then lay down for awhile, catch up on shows I like or watch a movie but these days, I fall asleep almost instantly and don't wake up until morning. I've even fallen asleep mid-conversation with Devon recently🙈 Usually it's him falling asleep on me but these days we're definitely changing roles.
Ironically, besides the ease of being able to drift off to sleep, I've started getting huge bursts of energy throughout the day. I'll clean the entire house in under and hour and still feel like I need to keep going - I guess you can call this nesting, guys.


As far as the other stuff, I've started clearing out the guest room upstairs to make room for all of his clothes, blankets and other things, among the new furniture that we'll *eventually* get when I finally decide on what I want up there. I really don't feel like I'm in that much of a rush to get his nursery done because if he's anything like Penelope, he'll be sleeping in the room beside our bedroom for at least the first year - maybe less. But I do plan on breastfeeding exclusively for a while after he's born so being beside me in some sort of bed will be the ultimate choice for a few months. Time will tell how long we'll decide to do it but I'm not going into anything with an expectation. Any mamas out there know that it all depends on the baby's needs and just like with Penelope, those will come first before any of my wants or expectations. Always.

Next week I'll start my last and final trimester with this little dude and I have to say that it has truly flown by! I can't believe that we're so close to having a newborn. At my appointment next week I'll get to do my glucose test (which I actually don't mind - I sorta thought it tasted pretty good🙈) Anyway... I'll do that and then I get the super fun Rhogam shot.
If you aren't sure what that is, it's basically an injection for people with Rh- negative blood. I can take shots... an epidural... a finger prick... anything. But if you suggest I get a shot in the butt, I will instantly turn it down. Obviously, this is way too important to not get but I always dread it.
After my 28 week appointment, I'll start going every two weeks until 36 weeks and then we start the weekly visits. How we're already at this point, I'll never know. This is starting to become a totally blur, y'all.

Also, this picture was taken by my extremely patient husband. Thanks, babe :)

I said in my last post here that I was going to update weekly... that was funny. So here we are, 10 weeks later and I'm finally getting around to updating this thing!

How far along?
27 weeks
Total weight gain/lose? 
Up 6 lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight
Maternity clothes?
None so far :)
Lol, I have a 2 year old, you're jokingggg (I still stand by this)
Plus, Devon had his second knee surgery last week so I'm man-ing the house, taking care of er'thang while he recovers. 
Best moment of the week: 
Finding a way to sleep (sorta) on my stomach... more like half-side-half-back... It's the small things. 
All. the. time. My doctor hasn't confirmed but I think this dude is already head down, which I'll be so thankful for because Penelope was breech until about 37 weeks and that caused a lot of panic and chiro visits to try and get her flipped naturally Hopefully this guy stays head-down! 
I've laid off of the carbs and really haven't had many cravings lately. I still don't want sweets or chocolate but Pineapple alwayssss sound delicious. 
What makes you queasy or sick?
When I lay on my back. If I remember right, it has something to do with the baby's position and the weight on an artery or something but I can't even slightly lay back or I start getting nauseous pretty quickly.
Have you started showing yet? 
Totally. I was finally asked by a stranger when I due a few days ago so it's definitely pretty obvious, even in my chunky sweaters ;)


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