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I'll admit, I'm a pretty big shampoo snob but with all of the traveling we do with my family living out-of-state, it's become the norm for me to forget something as minor as a shampoo or conditioner and if you're like me, you know it ain't easy to find, cheap or convenient to continue to buy product I already have just for a short trip (and those mini-sizes don't cut it) so I was extremely excited to not only be gifted a product I actually ended up loving BUT it's sold pretty much everywhere, which makes it a total lifesaver.

So what am I talking about?
The new EverCreme line by L'OREAL!
Of course, the first thing I noticed was the smell - It's pretty much one of the factors (but like, whose isn't?) that I consider when buying any sort of haircare product so when I opened the box and popped the top, the first 'selling' factor was the amazing smell; Definitely not floral and more on the woodsy and warm side, which instantly sold me because that's the type of scent I gravitate to during the winter months anyway. 

The next thing I look for is if the shampoo uses sulfates and parabens. I won't buy it if it contains either so when both of those were listed right on the front as two ingredients not used, I was even more excited to hop in the shower and try it out!

The next thing that I always look for is the lather and trust me, these products do NOT disappoint. Although I shower daily, I don't wash my hair every day, so I need a product that's going to take away all of the hairspray, products and dry-shampoo that I use and my hair felt squeaky clean afterwards, which is obviously what I need.

Lastly, I have pretty curly hair, naturally so I need a really good conditioner that's going to smooth my ends but also NOT weigh my hair down... that can be hard to find with drugstore products but this stuff really did a fantastic job of taming my mane while keeping my hair soft and light! Total win. Although I will say this.... I don't think I'm in total love with the hair mask... I'm not a huge fan of them anyway but this is definitely one that I probably won't purchase again on my own. My hair actually felt more moisturized with the regular conditioner, which is a little surprising because my hair felt a bit weighed down with the mask.. It's just one of those "pet-peeve" sort of things with me.... It may not bother anyone else so it's definitely best for you to give it a try yourself before making a personal decision because all of these products have amazing reviews!

Anyway, thank you L'OREAL for this nice little Christmas gift! Let me know if this is a product y'all use and love too!

Also, click the link to purchase any 3 of these products! Target still has the option to ship before Christmas, and right now, if you buy 3, you'll get a $5 Target Gift Card! So click the links or pictures below to get yours or to to gift to someone else - these make great stocking stuffers ;)


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  1. Thanks for sharing! I just tried their new CLAY mask line and I am obsessed. Who knew LOREAL would come out with these revolutionary products

    Celeste |

  2. Thanks for the thorough review! I've been meaning to test out the conditioner and hair mask, so now I have no excuse. I love those Target gift cards with purchase. :)
    erin |



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