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   So here we are... Comparing the differences between babe one and babe two. Let's just get it out there that EVERY PREGNANCY IS DIFFERENT. "How different could they be?" let's not sugar coat it - they can be polar opposites and I experienced this first-hand.

When I was pregnant with Penelope, I had that initial day of sickness before we found out I was even pregnant and that's about as far as the similarities go between the two. Being pregnant with her was so easy.  I had full-blown energy until the end with her... So much energy that I went shopping, ran errands AND cooked dinner the day I went into labor. I was a machine and being pregnant with P was a DREAM.

     Then I got pregnant with this sweet little thang and that "beginners" luck faded out and faded out fast. I found out that we were expecting around 3 weeks - super early - and this pregnancy started with a bang (literally and figuratively - lawlz - sorry mom). Before I even got a positive pregnancy test, I came down with the worlds worst cold.... my throat felt like it was on fire, I couldn't breath out of my nose and I had the worst fatigue everrrr... It was brutal. That whole cold-ordeal lasted almost TWO whole weeks.. I was worn out before even being a month pregnant.
After that treacherous cold went away, I was a little over 4 weeks along - the fatigue lifted and I felt 100% normal and with a 2 year old running around, I would forget that I was even pregnant most days (and still do, sometimes). It was what dreams are made of and I had high-hopes that this pregnancy would be a repeat of when I was preg with Penelope but no such luck. Right at 6 weeks, I went to a blogging conference with my MIL and that's when the sickness hit me like a train. It started off slowly, feeling nauseous after meals and then at about 7 weeks, it turned into throwing up every night... Basically chucking up everything I devoured during the day. It was brutal and I knew it would pass and thankfully, right at 13 1/2 weeks, it did. Right around the same time, I started to not being able drink room-temp or eat anything warm, like oatmeal or eggs. If anything warm hit my throat, I would have to BOLT to the bathroom because it would make me gag instantly so I had to stick to smoothies and protein shakes for food and calories. Needless to say, I actually ended up losing weight throughout the first trimester, which isn't unusual or unheard of but definitely different than my first pregnancy, where I ended up gaining a lot during that time. I also maintained my gym routine, but slowed it up a bit. I went from 3-4 days a week to 2 days, which surprisingly made me feel a little bit better and maintain my energy throughout the day.

     Since about 15 weeks, the acid-reflux has has me like a train. I sleep with Tums beside my bed and snack on them all day long. I haven't been to the gym in a couple of weeks due to traveling but I plan on keeping up the two-day-a-week schedule since that was my BIGGEST fail while being pregnant with Penelope - I gave up the gym entirely during my pregnancy with her and It's definitely something I want to stay on top of... Not to lose weight, of course but just to maintain muscle. If I gain 30lbs, so be it. I don't get paid to be skinny or fit so I'm just concerned with doing what feels right and keeps my energy up - and to level out all of the carbs I'm craving. ha

     As far as cravings go, like I said above - carbs. carbs. CARBS. I love sandwiches and bread. give me all the bread. I do stay around 1,600 calories, which I'll bump up to roughly 1,900-2,000 here soon since I'll be burning more calories per day growing this little dude.
     As for right now, I'm not craving ANYTHING sweet, which is so weird because usually, you can get me to do anything for chocolate but right now I just have such an aversion to anything sugary, it's really weird and again, even more strange because chocolate was all I wanted when I was pregnant with P. Now don't get me wrong, I will eat something sweet on eat them occasionally but I just don't normally find it appealing. I want salty all day long. Also, drinking anything other than water gives me the worst stomach ache but surprisingly, carbonated drinks help my acid-reflux so I've resulted to drinking Le Croix or Perrier water to help out the reflux and to keep me hydrated. I'm sort of addicted.

As far as milestones and things go, I'm slacking. Right when I found out that Penelope was a girl, we went straight to the mall and bought things for her. She had a full-on wardrobe, blankets and her entire nursery was picked out before I was even 5 months along, this time, this little dude only has about 3 onesies that we bought when we went to Gap to get Penelope her new clothes for the fall/winter lol talk about the change of times. Oh, and I haven't even moved a single thing out of one of our guest bedrooms to even get started on this guys room. We still need to paint, rearrange the other guest rooms and get all of the necessities like stocking up on diapers a new car seat, stroller and everything else a newborn needs. Two years and a toddler really makes you forget everything you said you'd always remember.

I hope this wasn't too all over the place but who am I kidding, it totally was... I'm writing and listening to Peppa Pig at the same time so I'm trying to stay focused and sane all at the same time these days.. I don't for-see my life getting any less chaotic in the future, either, ha.

How far along? 
17 weeks + 5 days (roughly 5 months)
Total weight gain/lose? 
Down 4lbs thanks to the previous all-day nausea
Maternity clothes?
None and I may luck-out since oversized sweaters are my jam in the cooler months which equals the majority of my pregnancy.
Lol, I have a 2 year old, you're jokingggg
Best moment of the week: 
Finally feeling like I have a baby bump rather than just looking like I just ate too much.
Have you told family and friends? 
Hell yeah. Err'body knows.. this one was hard to keep secret!
I've felt flutters from 11wks on (you feel sooner w/ each pregnancy) and have just started feeling definite kicks.
GIVE ME ALL THE SUBS. Like I could pay the rent on Jersey Mike subs with how much we go there oh and fun fact, Penelope was made out of JM subs because I craved the same sandwich when I was pregnant with her. (No. 7, Mike's way, no tomatoes, extra vinegar. omg so good) 
What makes you queasy or sick?
I used to be obsessed (on occasion) with the Iced decaf mocha from Starbucks before getting pregnant but now the thought of sucking down all that sugar makes me want to vomit. I can't even drink sweet tea anymore... sugar in general makes me want to throw up most days. 
Have you started showing yet? 
Yessss. Some days are more "flat" than others and I'm still in regular jeans but today I really felt like I had popped so I wanted to take a pic to document it :)
We're having a BOY! So excited and nervous at the same time! I felt like we were having a boy from the start but wasn't as confident as I was with Penelope because I didn't want anyone to get too excited but once we sat down and started the ultrasound, it was pretty clear straight off the bat.
Also, if you've asked us about a name, we had his named picked out from the beginning of this pregnancy but we just haven't shared yet, so you haven't missed anything... thinking of sharing soon though!
Weekly wisdom? 
Lol, I'm a hormonal, sleepless, emotional mess most days, don't take any advice from me right now😂
Making it to the second trimester and beating the all-day nausea PLUS we're almost halfway - I can't even believe how fast this pregnancy is flying by!

xx, tbp (and BabyM)



  1. Every pregnancy is SO different. I've had 4 babies and I swore our last was a boy because it was different than the other 3 girls. Noppers! We had another girl 4 months ago. Hope that heartburn subsides for you, Mama! It's the worst!!

  2. Taylor!!! Just started following you - what a gorgeous mama you are. I was just talking to someone yesterday about how tiring pregnancy with a toddler must be - you are killing it!!! Can't wait to follow your journey ��
    Kayla @

  3. Awesome post, I dread when I fall pregnant the second time round because my first was a walk in the park, your doing amazing and look gorgeous xxx

  4. I had three pregnancy and every single one of them were very different. I enjoyed all of them but they were very different .

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