Saturday, October 15, 2016

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     Cooler weather, pumpkins, mums, shorter days, scary flicks on the TV 24/7 - For as long as I can remember, October has been my favorite month of all-time - no one has a birthday, there isn't an anniversary, it's just one of those things... maybe because it's the official start of the holiday season, I'm not sure but every time October hits, I get into the best mood and get so motivated to hit all of the holiday happenings around where we live.
      Just yesterday, we went to Hunt Club Farm which had everything from pumpkins to zebras. Literally. So we spent our afternoon hanging out and letting Penelope run around to get all that crazy-toddler energy out - Plus, Mama got some front-porch decorations, cause you know, that was really one of my top priorities while there - and I ain't lyin.

     So on top of being able to do all of the traditional holiday stuff, I wanted to share a little about our Halloween traditions as a family. My whole life, my mom (and grandma, especially) went all-out on the holidays (and trust, they still do), so the apple didn't fall far from the tree with me. I get SUPER into holidays, ESPECIALLY Christmas. Christmas time in my jaaaaaam.
 but as far as Halloween goes, I sort of skip-out on the bat-decor and go straight into decorating my house neutral and fall-themed. It's partly because we don't live in a neighborhood and we don't even get trick-or-treaters so I don't have the pressure of out-doing my neighbor (cause you know I would make that priority) and I sort of feel like I'd rather decorate for the fall-season in general, instead of a holiday that lasts only a few short weeks. 
     Now, if you want to talk about trick-or-treating, I'm dooooown. Trick-or-treating was my thang back in the day when I was young enough to dress up for it and then I had nieces and always looked forward going with them and now that I have a kid of my own, lawd, I could plan on Halloween all year long but mostly because it's a great excuse to get the whole family together, which is huge for us since we're really family-oriented people in general. 
Anyway, besides trick-or-treat, we always do haunted houses and stuff but since I'm knocked up, I won't be running through a forrest this year.... It'll stay kid-friendly this go-'round and we'll pick  back up next year ;)

And after all of that fun, we headed to Verizon to exchange my iPhone 7 for the 7+ but I got a little nervous on the size so we didn't end up getting it, although I'm currently regretting not going through with it.. ekkkk. So do any of y'all have the iPhone 7+ (or a plus in general) and how do y'all feel about it?! I'm reeeeeally wanting it for the picture quality and because I'll obviously be using it for emails + blogging so I think it'll work better than my regular sized 7.... But let me know - I need heeeeeelp😫 (so typical)

So back to the pictures of yesterday, before I start on another holiday or something.... Here are some pics of the fun:

iPhone pic but I couldn't leave it out - one of my faves.
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  1. Definitely go for the 7 Plus. The camera quality is much better and you'll get used to the size difference in no time. I say go back and get it!! ��

    1. Okay, that was one thing I was worried about was getting used to the size! I'm gonna go for it and see how it turns out - I just needed to hear someone say go get it, cause I can never make up my mind for the life of me, so thanks lol

  2. I like you had the 7 plus in my hand and turned it down. I kinda regret it now but it just was so dang big and I have tiny hands. I have heard good and bad things about the plus. One thing people complain about is not being able to text with one hand like while your holding it. And that's something I do all the time!

    1. Ahhh, I do that too😩 but I also use talk to text a lot so maybe that won't end up being so bad?? I think I'm going to get it so I'll let you know if I end up hating it haha

  3. Please post some decoration photos! I love your style and getting ideas from you!



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