Wednesday, October 5, 2016


Our family is growing and I still can't even believe we're going to be parents to TWO precious babes!! I always said that I wanted the first one to be planned and for the second one to be a surprise... Needless to say, it sorta worked out just like that.

First lemme say, this post is possibly(?) TMI to some of y'all but it's honest so HEY, now you know!

To back track just a bit, Penelope was 100% planned - I tracked ovulation and er'thang. I was totally prepared.. I read books, visited every single website you could imagine while having my entire phone storage over-thrown with baby apps. I was insane about it. So when we started talking about baby no. 2, I was pretty impressed with myself at how relaxed I was... Not that I'm a seasoned mom or anything but I just knew that when it was meant to happen, it would. No rushing. No pressure.
So fast forward a bit, the relaxation part of it all sorta turned into being (slightly) bummed when I did the math, calculated the days and figured out that we missed our window of opportunity. Being bummed quickly turned to happiness again because I realized that if I got pregnant the following month, the baby's due date would fall right on my 26th birthday (May 9th) So it was set - we were tryin' for a May-baby!

Around 9 days before lovely cramp-central, I started testing because something kept telling me to take a test... More like intuition, it turned out because I had already written the month of July off for even the possibility of becoming pregnant... but I kept testing anyway.
Test day 1 - negative...Test day 2 - negative...Test day 3 - negative... I was sort of doing it out of habit at this point, just to see what would happen even though I had no expectations in seeing a positive test. Test day 4, which was July 28th, the day after our 10 year anniversary, I woke up super early... way before Penelope. I tested and sat the test down on the counter and actually told myself that after this test, I was done because I was convinced that I was wasting tests for no reason at that point. I truly wasn't upset or anything because other than that "gut feeling", I didn't have any reason to test - or so I thought.

After I sat the test on the counter, I headed to the kitchen to finish a blog, make breakfast and wait for Penelope to wake up. About 30 minutes later, I headed back to our bedroom to fold some laundry and to get ready for the day. As I walked into our bathroom to get into my closet, I reached for the test on the counter to throw it away, glanced at it and immediately saw two lines. I almost fell over. TWO LINES. No way. Not possible. It had to be an evap line from the test sitting for so long. I grabbed another test, this one being the more reliable one, and re-tested. During the waiting of the second test, I don't think I breathed a single breath..... Boom. POSITIVE. WHAT?! HOW?! I mean, I know how but HOW?! I was SO convinced that we had missed our opportunity... I even checked the probability of becoming pregnant after the missed-window and it was something like .9%.... SO HOW!? I think I said that 1000x's with the little air I had left in my lungs.... I was SHOCKED.

I had always wanted to surprise Devon with the news but when we found out we were pregnant with Penelope, he was at work and I called him right away... I couldn't wait lol. This time was different... I sat down and cried.... just cried. I had it all planned and yet I had nothing planned at all... These are the times where I feel God shows his sense of humor because to me, a surprise meant completely-caught-off-guard without even trying to become pregnant but to God, a surprise meant being completely caught off guard with a positive pregnancy test that I would have bet my life, could never be positive based on the scientific statistics. I still wake up shocked.... I get to carry another baby. I get to feel tiny hiccups in my belly and the kicks of our child - even if they are straight to the ribs.... I can't believe I get to do this again. I feel so entirely lucky... and the fact that I can give Penelope a brother or a sister... Wow. A lifelong best friend... What a serious blessing.

Since I wanted to surprise Devon and actually follow through with it this time, I had no one to tell and since it was roughly 7:30ish or so, I had the entiiiiiire day to sit on this news, soooo to get it off my chest, I sat and told our dogs haha - I had to get it out to someone - something lol and they were patiently listening to my sobs and dealing with my bear hugs.... Or maybe because they were hungry and were just waiting for me to feed them, either way, they listened and it felt good to say it aloud - WE'RE HAVING ANOTHER BABY!
 I went online to try and find a cute way to tell Devon he'd be a dad again.... And saw this cheesy thing of putting a bun in the oven.. It was corny and we're not really into stuff like that but I thought it would be funny and would catch him totally off guard.... needless to say, it did!
I put an actual hamburger bun in the oven with a pink and blue balloon and told Devon when he got home that that P and I made him something and he had to open the oven to see what it was lol... so he got home, walked to the oven, CLOSED HIS EYES - "No no noooo, open your eyes!" I kept repeating in my head over and over - Finally, after sniffing the open oven he opened his eyes with the most confused look on his face and needless to say, we got our second shocked expression of the day lol but shocked in the best way - his happiness was over the moon. He loves being a dad and had been BEGGING for a second, like 20 minutes after Penelope was born, so this was totally something he had been looking forward to for, well, years. Lol

Even though I thought those signs weren't really signs of pregnancy, looking back, they obviously were and maybe that's why my gut kept telling me to test, test, test. My heightened sense of smell was wayyyyy over the top... Like brutal. And that should have been the most obvious because I suffer from seasonal allergies in the winter (go figure) and my nose is stuffed daily so the fact that I could smell smells from a mile away, well cue symptom numero uno. And the weirdest pregnancy tip-off yet: I always have one day of insane puking before I get a positive test. I don't know if it happens to be a coincidence or what but I always have a day of nausea and throwing up before I find out I'm pregnant. That happened before and that happened this time around too. It's crazy stuff. Next time I won't chalk it up to being a normality if it happens next go-round. Oh, did I say next go-round... I'm as bad as Devon....

I'll be doing another blog soon to share the differences between this pregnancy and when I was pregnant with P... To say the least, these two pregnancies have been total night and day and for now at 13 weeks, I'm feeling amazing, my energy is back and I'm finally feeling motivated to get back on this thing!  

xx, tbp (and baby)


  1. Congrats Taylor, Devon and P!!! I knew something was up, you haven't blogged and I saw the pictures on instagram. I'm so happy for you guys. God has blessed you with the most amazing gift of all:) enjoy every moment!! Xo

    1. Kara! Thank you SO much!!! We're so excited and SO ready for this next chapter xox

  2. Congrats again! Your story is exactly like ours! Dan wanted another from the moment Olivia was born. I was super laid back, had a bachelorette party that weekend and decided to test just so I knew I could drink. I was shocked! I had bought all the alcohol for the party too haha. I kept saying "I don't even think we had sex!" (Haha TMI). Olivia took a few months, but Emma was ready to come! Also the pregnancies were very different (except for all the puking) and two girls, go figure! Also, I was the first to throw up at the Bachelorette party. #win

    1. Hahaha! Omg that's classic - and this pregnancy has been totally different so far, which is didn't really expect because I never got sick once with Penelope but this one.... wooooo... I was sick 24/7 for the whole 1st trimester and even a few days here and there currently. This little one is definitely making me earn my title of "mom of 2" at this point.



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