Thursday, September 8, 2016


I hope you guys had a great last weekend of summer! I adore all of these back-to-school pics and seeing all the smiley faces of your little ones.... And while I see their big smiley-faces, I always hold the mama (dad/grandparent) on the other side of the camera close to my heart as I know there are probably tears streaming down theirs... I'm thankful I get one more year to get it together before I'm in the same boat - it's so bittersweet! Any tips are welcomed - I don't believe in being prepared too early! *sigh*

So after breaking the ice a bit, I have to start off and be really honest here, because after all, it's what I do, but I sort of lost my fire for a minute there. I know you're totally thinking "Wow, Taylor, blogging is so hard, huh?" but truthfully, being creative 24/7 is hard and because I don't write just to write, sometimes it's more worth it to me to take some time off in order to recap and reevaluate what I'm putting on here.... and that's exactly what I did. That's sort of the beauty of blogging in-itself - I'm able to make my own hours and schedule and I can book up my time or I can clear everything out and I love that perk and of course, times where I'm a door-knob and don't have an ounce of creativity left, I'm able to back away in order to refresh my mind.

Most of y'all know what I'm saying - there's just something different when you're trying to get a business or idea off of the ground then when it actually gets off of the ground.... Things become different, responsibilities change and that care-free mindset can still be there but it shifts just a bit and whether you're ready for the shift or not, you have to change with it, roll with the tide some - it comes with the territory of growing and that's something I'm happily learning along the way.... Anyway, after this past weekend, my fire for blogging came back. A day at the beach was just what my mind needed in order to come back to this full-force and to get my creative-juices flowing again - hallelujah!

So what's been going on over here at the Pilk's? Not a whole lot... The usual summertime scenarios: Family time, beach days, lake days, cookouts - the list goes on and on. We've actually been planning some pretty big things for our family that I hope to tell y'all about a little later - things that are equally as scary as they are exciting. So wrong to leave y'all hanging but I promise it's nothing but a change of pace for us... Nothing serious :) Just pray that it works in our favor - I'm a firm believer in prayer and agreement among friends so just keep us in mind when you talk to the Big Man upstairs :) 

But enough about me for a minute; can you believe that Christmas is only 3 months away.. This totally means I have the green-light for Christmas shopping, which I'm pumped about but who isn't excited about pumpkin patches, horror movies, s'mores season, leaves changing and cool(er) weather in the meantime?! Let's just all PRAY that it isn't 75 degrees on Christmas like it was last year... That was miserably weird and felt so strange..... I can handle the 50's but ca'mon, 65+ just ain't right. 

Okay, I'm done blabbering - It's almost the weekend so go enjoy your loved ones and take a breather from the busy week - oh and mama's if you're looking for a sign to pamper yourself - this is it! GO DO IT! And get your mind right for the upcoming week because we all know the weekends go by way too fast!

xx, tbp



  1. Aww I loved this. I was wondering if everything been ok, since I haven't seen a blog from you.
    This past week I stopped procastinating and restarted my real estate business. Getting back to it and actually working after being a stay at home mom for just under 3 years has been a big change. Luckily I work (majority) from the comfort of my home, but getting that fire, is something I've been lacking. Sometimes it just clicks lol. I'm glad you got the fire to continue blogging.
    Hope all is well and can't wait for more, and your news!
    I don't even blog (I had a small blog-diary at most-from when my husband was deployed while I was pregnant, just to update family and get all the emotions out of a a wife and mother in such a different way) or follow other bloggers, but yours is so relatable and interesting and fun! So keep it up!!

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