Tuesday, August 16, 2016


I was asked a few weeks ago about how what I've been doing differently with my diet so I wanted to share a piece of that with y'all today!
 Of course, there's enough for a blog post on its own but I wanted to talk about the one thing that you could change about your diet and lifestyle instantly - and that's taking vitamins. 

It's no shocker that I'm a mom - if you didn't know that, then welcome to my blog! Lol but if you're a fellow mama out there, then you can totally relate: Waking up, having somewhere important to go, juggling the act of getting yourself together (barely) and also making sure that you have your child ready - grabbing bottles, sippy cups, diapers, a change of clothes, food - the list goes on and on.

I can barely remember to brush my teeth somedays let alone remembering to take vitamins, especially ones in a container that I need to sort out all while dropping the rest all over the place as I'm rushing out of the door.... I loathe it and it's always a circus act trying to get everything to come together.... Then I found VitaFive. These vitamins not only taste absolutely delicious (think Sour Patch kids!) but they don't require me to also remember to grab a bottle of water since they're gummies and they come in their own individual packaging each day.

I am currently taking a weeks supply of their Beauty vitamins but they have soooo many other packs to choose from, you're bound to find at least one pack that fits your needs... But what if you don't? No worries because when you shop with VitaFive, their goal is to make your experience as custom as possible.
You only want to use Melatonin for sleep? Not a problem.
Are you just looking to add some Calcium to your diet? Not even an issue.
See, anything is possible with these vitamins and that's why I love it so much because when lifestyle and needs change, VitaFive is right there to change with you.

So if you aren't really sure just what you need but know you want to add vitamins to your daily routine, well here are the packs that they offer to get you started:
• Perfect for the winter months!
• For all my fellow night-owls
• If you're trying to create shine in your hair, length in your nails and improve your skin
• These vitamins help keep your heart strong
• To help fill nutrient gaps that can sometimes happen with a busy schedule
• Best for the fitness enthusiasts to help replenish vitamins lost while working out
• These vitamins help your brain maintain healthy function and help keep you on track

AND it wouldn't be a brand I could stand behind if they didn't offer vitamins for the littles!!
They offer 3 different types of vitamins that target 3 very specific areas:

• This one is especially good for all the kids that are heading back to school/daycare!
• These vitamins target bone and tooth growth
• We ALL know kids can be picky little thangs and this pack targets the nutrients that our little ones might not be getting through the food they do (or mostly don't) eat.

I love these vitamins so much that I asked for a promo code for anyone that was interested because these vitamins are that good - so VitaFive is offering 30% off to anyone wanting to give them a try by using pilk30 at checkout!

I swear, y'all - these vitamins are a parents dream and I am so, so happy that I'm able to have one less thing to think about during those crazy mornings with my little gal!

xx, tbp



  1. I'm so glad you Posted this, I was just thinking about how I need to switch my vitamins and how I want to get my kids to take them in the winter months. Does P take any? Also, do you recommend a probiotic and how often? I briefly remember you had a blog with it. Going to check it out now, thanks! Xo

    1. just compared them to my natures bounty hair skin and nails, and it's almost the same if not better in some areas. I would need to just bump up vitamin c in the winter. But please let me know your recommendation on a probiotic. I was giving my daughter Mommy's bliss but I don't know how I feel about it.

  2. Hey Kara!

    Yes, she does! I either recommend the Zarbees multi-vitamins for kids (ages 2+, I believe) or the Kids Essential Pack from VitaFive. They're both great tasting vitamins that she really looks forward to taking each day, so that's a total win! Lol
    I also give her probiotics as well from a brand called Flora Udo's Choice that I picked up from Whole Foods in the refrigerated part in the vitamin section. It's basically tasteless and I just mix the powder into her juice in the morning and she's good to go! I have to say that I really give it to her sporadically in the summer because she's typically never sick but when we head into the fall and winter months, I'll be picking up the frequency that I give it to her.

    I hope this helps! xo



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