Friday, August 5, 2016


So what about that new IG feature, huh!? Is snapchat slowly going to fade like myspace, vine etc now👀 I think I'm still on the fence about it... I like the convenience of everything being in one app but let's be real.... I follow wayyyyy too many people to sit through everyones stories and honestly, I just think that snapchat has better features... and filters. 
Inserting shameless self-promo here* Sooo follow me on snap, just in case the whole IG thing doesn't work out, @taylorpilk ;)

So on to the beauty part of this post... These are a few of my favorite beauty products that have been pretty consistent for awhile now (well, all besides the KVD because it's new) but anyway....

makeup must-haves, makeup must haves

I know that I say this all the time but in the summer, I like to stay super-neutral with my makeup... no crazy eye makeup (for the most part) and definitely NO HEAVY FOUNDATION. It just can't and doesn't happen but thanks to my under-eye circles, I tend to have to have a full-coverage concealer with me at all times, otherwise I can easily be mistaken for a character on The Walking Dead. (Is that even still a show??) You get the point.....

So here's what I've been loving -

BOBBI BROWN Bronzer in Natural 01 & BB Foundation Stick
The most amazing bronzer I've ever used. It's a pressed powder formula with the most amazing color. It doesn't streak and doesn't look muddy when applied. It doesn't even look splotchy at the end of the day, which for oily skinned girls, you completely understand this dilemma with makeup products!
Also, this foundation stick is HEAVEN. The littlest bit goes a lo-oong way and it's ideal for travel, especially if you're not checking a bag. 
I'm currently wearing the color '3.5 Warm Beige' in the foundation stick and Natural 01 in the BB bronzer.

As  far as concealer, the Kat Von D and the Makeup Forever concealer are by far the best ones I've tried. They have great coverage and bets of all, they don't crease! I always set my under-eye with Laura Mercier Translucent powder regardless to just be sure that my mascara doesn't transfer.
I wear shade '5/6' in MUFE concealer and 'M25 Warm' in KVD.

xx, tbp



  1. Love bb products. Have you tried tarte?
    Also can you make a blog or video blog on how you do your make up daily? Like an everyday look? Getting back into the corporate world after having two kids I feel clueless again! Love your blogs/video blogs!

  2. Yes! I have Tartes newest foundation that I'm reeeeally loving - it's great for both dry and oily skin! I will try to get up a video or blog next week on my daily makeup routine :)

  3. I love their bronzer and finishing powder but have not tried their foundation. I tend to usually wear foundation only in the winter, so I'll have to try it because I have yet to find a good foundation that doesn't make me so oily or breakout. Thanks!



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