Tuesday, July 26, 2016


Good morning, y'all!
I sorta can't even believe it's already Tuesday... This past weekend flew by as quickly as it seems like this week is going - for me, at least! Saturday consisted of really just playing with the dogs and doing yard work but Sunday was the true "fun day" since we had a company party for all of the employees at Devon's business. Of course, if any of y'all are on the East Coast, you're well-aware that the weather was beautiful and fry-an-egg-on-the-concrete HOT. Thankfully, the party was at my in-laws where they have a big, beautiful backyard with the most amazing pool, so we spent (almost) the entire day in the water -  that meant swimming in the pool, sliding down the slip-in-slide and jumping off of the platform into the pond - we felt like pruned fish by the end of the day.

Since I knew that we would be treading water all day,  I made sure to bring some of Penelope's  favorite bath toys for her to enjoy while we swam around. The first ones I made sure to pack were the  Little Squirters from Nuby. These are such a hit! Of course squirting people is super fun but she also loves all of the characters that the Little Squirters come in! I've started noticing her playing more "pretend" and her imagination is starting to grow - she'll take the little starfish and turtle and put them "night-night" as she calls it, in the tub when she gets out of her nightly bath - heart. melted.
But they also kept her entertained in the water because they do float, even when filled with water, which is a huge plus because we didn't have to worry about her "diving" out of our arms to try and get one - thank God, lol.

Another really cool toy is the Little Submarine. This one is particularly awesome because it's an interactive toy... You pull on the string tail and let it go and off it goes! So between the submarine and the squirters, P was entertained for the longest time!
So even when we weren't floating around in the pool, she was thoroughly enjoying the toys on the car ride home, which was huge because who wants a toddler to take a nice, long nap at 6PM?? No sir. We are staying up and getting you to bed at decent hour, my lil child!

So after our long day of swimming around in the pool, pond and being slathered with sunscreen, it was definitely bath o'clock. Of course, her toys were in tow and are a must, but how freakin cool is this Hippo Bath Spout?! 

Not only is it a good safety measure so the littles don't bonk their heads but if you close the bottom flap, the water will shoot out of the hippos nose so you now have a mini waterpark in your bath tub! I swear, my child would live in water if she could and the only downside to this thing is that she refuses to get out of the bath lol. Not really a problem because I'm thankful she's hygienic BUT.... We got other things to do, girl.

All in all.. we are exhausted, tanned and ready for BED.
I adore summer days just like this! I hope y'all have the best week xox

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