Sunday, June 12, 2016


Q: What do you and your husband do for a living?
A: I'm a stay-at-home mom and I blog on the side. Devon is an owner in his family's pest control company, Priority Pest Services, here in the Hampton Roads area.

Q: Are you going to have more kids?
A: YES! We're getting the itch for number 2 so hopefully within the next year :)

Q: Can you make more [YouTube] videos?
A: Absolutely. I just sort of lack ideas on what people might want to watch so if you have any ideas - send them my way! 

Q: What's your typical day like?
A: Hectic. Lol. No, it's pretty laid back, actually... Just lucky to have a healthy toddler that's able to destroy the house, so I'm blessed in that regard. But honestly, it's either running errands, going to the gym, working on a blog, playing outside with the dogs and Penelope, cleaning the house.... the list could go on lol. It definitely changes from day-to-day :)

Q: What's your favorite snack?
A: Hmmm.... My fav snack.... I'm just now realizing as I'm typing this that I'm not really a huge snacker lol but really, I love fruit, especially grapes, so if I want a quick snack, I usually always have those in the fridge so I'll opt for those.

Q: What's you're favorite feature of your house?
A: My favorite thing we have in our house is probably our laundry chute. I couldn't live without it - the convenience speaks for itself lol

Q: Who or what inspires you?
A: My husband + daughter 100%. Everything I do, it's for them. That sounds cliche, I guess but Devon and Penelope inspire me to be better. If there's a goal that I want to reach, I'm motivated by them to achieve it.

Q: What part of the day do you most look forward to?
A: First, when my husband gets home from work and we can sit down at the table, over dinner and  talk about our day - that's definitely my favorite BUT I wouldn't be honest if I didn't include my gym time. It's an hour for me to recharge and de-stress and  Penelope gets and hour to hang with some friends.

Q: What changed the most about you when you became a mom? 
A: Having Penelope has really softened my heart to a lot of things and situations. My patience has expanded, I have a new perspective on my life and future but mostly, I have such an amazing, new appreciation for my own mom. Everything clicked after P was born.... Mama was always right!

Q: What's your favorite perfume?
It's from Anthropologie and it's their Royal Apothic Perfume collection called Hothouse Peonie. Reminds me of summer and warm weather... my favorite scent of. all. time.

Q: What smell is currently in your house?
A: Currently: Lush Amazon soy candle from Target - it smells so good and burns for the longest time! 

Q: What is your favorite beverage? Alcoholic and non-alcoholic?
A: I'm not really a drinker, honestly... Like, maybe I'll have a drink 3x's a year TOPS... not even kidding... haha. But I when one of our friends got married last November, we had dinner at Bonefish the night before the wedding and I tried a Pineapple martini and it was DELICIOUS. If you're into cocktails, give it a try because it was actually really good!
As for non-alcoholic.. Ginger peach sweet tea from Nordstrom - so good!

Q: What's your favorite coffee to drink?
A: This is hard because I love all coffees lol but I usually get the same thing regardless of where I go: An iced decaf mocha, no whip. Of course, it's pretty sweet so I rarely drink it but when I'm in the mood, that's what I get.

Thanks for getting my brain going, y'all!

xx, tbp



  1. You should do videos on how you do your make up/hair
    What's in your regular purse
    What's in your fridge

    1. Thanks for the suggestion and video idea! I just uploaded a 3min tutorial on how I curl my hair, along with a blog with more information - you can view that here:


  2. Post what your favorite meal is, or a go to meal for the family!!:) xo



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