Sunday, June 19, 2016


Somebody gave me the idea for a tutorial on how I do my hair so I quickly (key word) filmed a video to put up on my channel on how I achieve loose, beach waves!

It's really simple to do but it can be time-consuming, depending on how long/thick your hair is.
I naturally have very curly hair, that's probably medium thickness and when I run through it, it can take me about 15-20mins to do the whole thing.

So how do I get this look?

Pretty easy. First, I like to start off with hair that has been washed at least a day before BUT sometimes I have to wash it beforehand, which isn't that big of a deal, you just have to be prepared to spray more stuff to keep the waves!

After washing, I blow it dry with a round brush, focusing on brushing the strands outwards.
After it's dry, I section my hair into two parts: Top and bottom.

Then start on the back pieces and curl every single strand AWAY from my face - all the way to the front strands. This is SUPER important. 

Once I've curled the top and bottom halves, I'll then run the straightener over my ends. This makes sure I don't have the typical ringlet-type curls. By using the straightener, the curls appear more loose, which is truthfully what gives it the beach vibe we're going for.

After I straighten the ends, I'll plump up my roots with the Rusk Texture Spray (pictured below). This stuff is NO. JOKE. It's my favorite texturizing spray of all time! Also, don't be scared to tease your hair for extra volume ;)

Once I've added some volume to my hair, I'll flip it back and forth until I get the exact "look" I'm going for. Once I decide what side I'm going to wear my hair, then I'll spray it down with hair spray.

The video is just going to give you a little visual of the steps listed above but keep reading to see exactly what each product looks like and what I love to use! 

Okay, so my absolute FAVORITE shampoo and conditioner (at the moment) are these two by Renpure. I actually made the discovery of these by accident not too long ago.. I was running low on my regular shampoo and conditioner and I needed something to hold me over and that's when I found these. I bought them both strictly based on smell, because it smells JUST LIKE COCONUT but quickly figured out that they are probably the best shampoo and conditioner duo I've ever used - this combo makes my hair SO extremely soft and it smells so summer-y, even after blowing it dry.

This is one of my favorite hair oils to use in the summer time because it actually does help reduce frizz and makes my hair really soft and shiny - without looking greasy. I can also use this on dry hair and it works really well to reduce fly-aways.  Plus, the smell is amazing.

If you follow me on snapchat (taylorpilk) then you were probably as uhh... scared surprised?... as I was when I showed how large my hair was after using this stuff haha but I promise, I tamed it down afterwards. Nonetheless, if you're looking to add more texture aka "lion hair" as I call it, then you need to grab a can of this. It is hands-down the BEST product I've ever used to make my hair FULL of volume. I cannot live without this texture spray!

So after I use all of these products, I go in on the curl. Watch the short, three-minute video below to see a quick tutorial on how I get loose, beachy waves.

xx, tbp



  1. Awesome!!! Going to try it tomorrow

    1. Thanks for commenting! I hope the tutorial helped you achieve the look :)

  2. Awesome!! My hair is super curly so I blew it out first. I vote for your next video, walk us through how you do your make up! It's F L A W L E S S !!

  3. Love that idea! Hopefully I will be able to film that this week.. And thanks so much! I appreciate that!!

  4. Hi Taylor! I did this look again today and found that if I tease the top section of hair it lasts much longer. My hair tends to fall flat so quickly but I did pick up a sample size of the texture spray by rusk today and it's my new favorite! (Along with dry shampoo too) Thanks for the advice!!!

    1. Yes, yes, yes!!! I can't believe I forgot to add that part! Glad you love the texturizing spray too - I almost need to buy a new one I use mine so much! haha

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