Monday, June 6, 2016

Exciting news + a giveaway! | LIFESTYLE

I am SO excited to announce that I've become a parent blogger for one of our favorite baby/toddler brands - NUBY! If you've been a reader for the past two, or so, years, then you may remember a post I did here on the Nuby transitional bottle; That was the first bottle Penelope learned to hold by herself (tear) so as you can imagine, Nuby has held a special place in my heart ever since :)

Being a mom and doing my best to make sure Penelope has the best, I stand behind Nuby and all of their amazing products so it wouldn't feel right to talk about how great these products are, just to leave y'all without an opportunity to get your hands on something SO I'm going to be giving away a brand new Nuby Fun Feeding Square Section Plate set! (same as pictured below)
The giveaway will be posted at the very bottom of this blog, so while you're scrolling to enter, make sure you read why we love the Nuby Fun Feeding Square Plates and the Wash or Toss™Straw Cups on your way to win!  

Since Penelope is older now, and we no longer use the Nuby transitional bottle, we've stepped up to a few of their other products and as you can imagine, we are in love!

So first things first: FOOD.
The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, so it's clear to see that Penelope takes her food-time seriously (like her mama).
Since P's two now and baby food is long gone, she's been wanting to eat off of a "grown up plate" like mom and dad... But with age comes experience and since she's fairly new to using utensils and such, her eggs and yogurt started to get, well, a little messy... and mixed. Gross enough, she would always end up mixing the two together - no bueno. Fruit and yogurt: yes. Eggs and yogurt: Not so much. So when I saw that Nuby was coming out with a new sectioned plate, I knew that was something we had to try!

Since we've started using the plates, there has been (thankfully) no more egg, fruit and yogurt smoothies on her plate, lol.
 Now, not all messes can be avoided with a toddler so luckily these plates are also dishwasher safe, so clean up really couldn't be any easier.

So what are some other perks of these sectioned plates?
Well, as you can see, they have three individual food compartments to help introduce new tastes and textures, they're perfect for finger foods (as you can see, ha), and they're also great for snacks and even parties with their selection of fun, bright colors!

I can't end this post without also talking about Nuby's brand new Wash or Toss™ Straw Cups. As stated above, we have no use for the transitional bottle any longer, but because sometimes accidents do happen, I'm thankful that there is a cup out there that she can use that allows her to feel more grown, but still protects the floor from spilled milk, if you get what I'm sayin'.

I love that these cups come with a free-flow straw that allows for easy cleaning and that these cups are also dishwasher (top rack) safe!
They come in the coolest colors and they're durable enough for daily use but are also affordable enough to be able to be tossed if necessary - even after a one-time use!
These cups are available at either BuyBuyBaby (in-store and online) and also on Amazon.

Oh, and if you needed one more way to use these cups, here ya go... Your toddler, like mine, will feel these cups are being put to their best use this way.

*I have received these products for review but all opinions are 100% my own.


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