Friday, April 1, 2016


Lol, I don't know if I should be embarrassed by my VIP Rouge status or excited? I spend entirely too much money on makeup, regardless but I swear, Sephora just sucks you in. I also love to browse the website for newly listed products and to see what's trending soooo I'm never really out of the store, if you get what I'm saying... If there's a will, there's a way and there's certainly always access to the place soooo.... there's that.

 I swear that I'm not talking about this haul in vain because if you're a fellow Rouge-er (like muah) then starting April 7th-April 13th, you get 15% OFF OF YOUR ENTIRE PURCHASE. Y'all know Sephora rarely does sales so this is a big deal.
I also just received an email to get 10% now, so if you can't wait, or need something asap, be sure to use that little bonus! 

So speaking of new things... When I was at the mall yesterday, I noticed that they had a new setup, showing products based around color correcting and let's be real honest... I could use a miracle product to remove my permanent under-eye circles and the annoying redness I have around my nose, so this new setup (as usual) pulled me in and before I gained any self-control, I had an item for every correction possible. HEL-LO flawless skin. 

So here's the things I got and so far, I'm lovin' every single one!

These little bottles are filled with liquid gold. A super-pigmented serum, that when only using the tiniest bit, covers. it. all. I use the apricot shade under my eyes in order to cancel out the dark circles and I also purchased the pink shade to combat dullness. I apply with my finger tips and blend with my damp beauty blender to get the most even coverage. I feel that a lot of people were gravitated to the Becca under-eye pigments but after reading reviews and seeing the product in-person, they completely missed the mark. They are entirely too dark for light/medium skin, whereas the Algenist shades really suit every skin tone across the board. These also come in two other colors, a green and blue shade. The green will target redness and the blue will target sallowness, so if you have more of a yellow undertone or pale complexion, then the blue one would work wonders for you!

I also purchased a few lipsticks and a lipliner (shocking, I know). 
I can always find a new lipstick that I "don't already have" so these are my three picks from my trip:
The tarte lipliner is actually a shade that I don't own (I double checked when I got home, believe) and it really matches my natural lip color and a goes with a ton of lipsticks I already have. I liked it so much that it made its way to the makeup pile that I keep on top of my vanity, rather than in the dungeon drawer.
The second two that I purchased are both really pretty shades of pink. One has pink undertones and the other (the tarte one) has more of an orange-y hue to it. They both glide on and are super build-able shades that can be either transparent or opaque, depending on how much you want to apply. Oh and they also both go really well the new liner ;)

If you saw my snapchat (taylorpilk) the other day, you're probably wondering about the MAC purchase - I decided to make a separate blog post about those products since a few are (sort of) things that I've talked about before... I had empties and needed to replace!

Oh, and welcome to my first blog post from my new site!!! I am soooo excited about this blog makeover and finally deciding on a domain name. Sounds kinda crazy that I'd be excited about a blog name being named after.. well, myself but I just felt that nothing else really described who I was. I'm a ton of different things (wife, mom, beauty lover, cook with a dash of sarcasm - to name a few) and I like a ton of different things. So, naming it after myself just fit. So, welcome to Meet Taylor Pilk. Pretty excited for this "new" chapter!

xx, tbp



  1. Great haul. The Algenist Color Correcting Drops sound nice! I'll have to check them out.

    1. Yes, definitely! It's been about 2 weeks using them and I absolutely love it!

  2. I cannot wait to visit Sephora next week so I can stock up few things! Great picks!


    1. Thank you! I hope you find some nice goodies! x

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