Thursday, April 14, 2016

Our weekend... and shoes. | LIFESTYLE

The weekends always go by way too fast... 
This weekend, we (I) really focused on getting our second guest bedroom squared away and Devon spent the majority of the time chipping away at the chicken coop (which is basically finished). I also decided to add about 100 more requests for house projects so we're set for the next year... It really, truly, never ends. I'm sorry, Devon. Ekk.

Just like every Sunday, we woke up and headed to church.. It always puts me in the best mood and starts my week off with so much focus. It's just what my soul needs after the weekend, ya know? This really helped with what happened after we left the service.....

We decided to grab some lunch at Back Bay Gourmet - one of my all-time favorite places to eat. I was too excited for it but Penelope was wayyyyy over due for a nap. We (foolishly?) decided to make it work anyway... What's the worst that could happen.....?
(Never say those words while having a toddler. Never. Ever.)
 Needless to say, we ended up with spilt coffee, a flipped chair (she didn't get hurt, devon saved the day) and a toddler that wanted cheese but then when she got the cheese, she didn't want to eat the cheese. It was luxurious.
Thankful for my husband that remains calm in all situations... I just laugh at everything so it's a win, right? The food was still good though, so we walked away from the fiasco pretty happy.

So back to the shoes.... 

Thanks to my instagram husband for these shots ;) I was feeling this outfit and had to document it.  Plus, I had to share these amazing booties because I can't keep good info to myself so it's made it's way here.

These are the DV shoes from Target called the Nya. So speaking of Target, I absolutely love that they carry the DV by Dolce Vita line in their stores.. It's such an awesome opportunity to own nice pieces for more than half of the price. And to compare.. I actually saw these (almost) exact shoes, made by their more expensive line, Dolce Vita, at Nordstrom Rack the other day and they're literally the same exact shoe, except in more of taupe color. If there were other differences, I couldn't spot em'.

 Surprisingly, these booties are one of the most comfortable pairs of heels that I own.
My heart loves to wear heels but my feet don't, so when I say comfortable, I'm not throwing that word around lightly. We went to church, headed to lunch, walked around with Penelope outside and then when we got home, she wanted to run around the yard, so after we took these pictures, we did just that... heels and all. So trust... they're comfy.

I also really love this natural color.. It's so perfect for spring!

 Sorry my face is gone. This was candid and I had to share it :)

If you don't have the chance to try them on in the store, go down a half a size. I'm normally a size 7.5 but bought a 7 and they fit perfectly.

xx, tbp

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