Tuesday, April 12, 2016


MAC strikes again. 

When I was grabbing a few items from Sephora about two weeks or so ago, I stopped at MAC to get a lipgloss that I had ran out of... and ended up with all this.

So here's what I got:

I go THROUGH this stuff. It's one of my favorite lip glosses EVER. I think I like it so much because I can wear it when I have a full face on and I can also wear it when I have no makeup on and I never look too overdone. It also pairs really well with my natural lip color, since I mentioned earlier in my blog here, that other lip glosses make my lips look purple.... read more to find out what I mean, ha.

I've never used this before and honestly didn't even know they made a lipstick that was the same as the gloss so I went ahead and purchased it. It's applies evenly and has the perfect pink hue to it. It's also pretty sheer, which is an aspect of lipstick that I love.

I was drawn to this color right away. It's an iridescent-like color that has mauve and gold tones to it.  I've never purchased one of their frost shades (I usually buy their creme sheen) before but this one and angel were too pretty, I had to get em. 

Out of all the blushes I have, I own the most MAC. They aren't too pigmented and they always go on so evenly. I don't typically use plum-colored shades in the summertime but this is a true transitional shade for all seasons. 

Read my other blog about MAC Must-Haves for more!

xx, tbp

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