Friday, March 4, 2016


Since I steer clear of tanning beds, and can't ever seem to find 30 minutes to spare to go get a spray tan, I had to get creative on tanning without UVs and time limits, so what's the remedy? Self tanner! Particularly this St. Tropez sunless one!
 I'm obsessed with how easy it is to apply (I use a hand mitt) and the deep tan I get after application.
 I generally apply it before bed and sleep in it throughout the night but you can get a full-body tan in just a little over an hour if you're running short on time! (I have only done that once by the way but was really impressed with the color payout in such a short amount of time!)

So after application, my tan will typically last about 5-7 days.
 Before I bought this big bottle, I bought the travel size version to test and I got 3 full body applications out of that tiny little thing! So with this mousse being triple the size, I should be able to expect about 8-10 full-body tans. I'll keep ya posted!

I should mention that this particular sunless tanner isn't one that you would want to apply right before going somewhere, at least without showering first or waiting a few because of the green tint it initially leaves on your skin. However, once it starts to dry, that's when the deep, natural tan starts to develop, so don't worry about looking like Shrek after applying this - You'll get a natural, streak-free tan, you'll just need to give it a little time :)

Hand Mitt // $7

Hope y'all are ready for the weekend and the warm weather! Happy Friday XO
xx, tbp



  1. Does this stain clothing? Particularly bed sheets? We have white sheets, and I've always found with self tanners (I've tried a trillion) that they seem to leave a smell or tint to the sheets. Oh, and is this a smelly self tanner? Thanks in advance, love hearing your input!!

    1. Kara! I am so sorry for the late response - you've probably already gave it a go BUT I wanted to give my input just in case!

      I actually love this self-tanner because I found that it doesn't leave a strong scent on sheets/bedding at all. I also love the fact that it doesn't smell overbearing on the skin the following day, after showering either. It DOES have a "tanner" smell but to me, it's a LOT less than others that I've tried... Especially tanners from a salon!

      I hope you loved it if you've already tried it and if not, I hope my input helps!
      xx, tbp



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