Monday, March 7, 2016

A 2nd Birthday.... | MOM LIFE

I can't even believe I have Penelope's 2nd birthday invites in my hands!!!! WHERE DID THE TIME GO!?! I swear, I was the the person that rolled my eyes in the back of my head every time I had someone tell me "time will fly when she's here!" or "You'll be handing her to keys to the car before you know it!"... And my eyes. would. roll. They would roll right away... On to whoever was standing behind me. And I take back every eye roll. Every time I thought "How could time go any faster than it did any other day..?" Shamefully, I was that person. Now I get it. I completely understand. I felt like I blinked and she was 2 weeks... and then we were celebrating the first 6 months of her life and then ONE YEAR! I was just planning that big birthday party for her... and now we're on to birthday number two. Two years.... two of the fastest years of my life. Anyway... all the mamas out there can relate.. You understand my rant because y'all know all too well how quickly time passes when your baby(ies) is/are here. It slips through your fingers like water..... I'm so thankful we have two birthdays under our belt (almost) and we also get to celebrate two years of parenthood. I get to enjoy the best job on the planet with the most caring dude by my side. Penelope has turned into THEE biggest daddy's girl there ever could be and I'm totally in love with it. The way they both look at each other completely takes over my soul and without a doubt, those moments are the glue that hold it all together to help create the big picture.

So on to what I came here for.... Lol.... The invites to the big day! I'm super old-school when it comes to invites and thank-you's.... really, just sending cards in general. I really feel like there's nothing like actual mail - I never send online invites. Ever. 
So after spending some time on Etsy, I was able to find these perfect floral invites for Penelope's 2nd birthday bash. The shop owner worked with me to help create the perfect birthday invite and customized it completely! I was sent the PDF file and then I had Shutterfly print the hard-invites and send em' my way.
Even though I'm old-school with invitations, I still loathe addressing envelopes,
 so with a quick internet search, I found a service provided by where they do this for you - hallelujah!
 Just log in your addresses, pick your envelope color, pick a design/font for the front and voila! Finished and ready for delivery! 
They come right to your front porch, ready to ship. The only thing I'm in charge of is stuffing the envelopes, placing a stamp and dropping them off at the post office. 
With all of the planning and prepping, it's been a huge stress-reliever not having to worry about these little details.. thankful for technology, lemme tell ya!

So anybody waiting for an invite, expect them this week!! XO


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