Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Penelope's bathroom details......

So apparently, my decorating style is all about building a room. I seem to pick pieces up along the way - one day our living room, the next day Penelope's bathroom and thankfully, over time, these rooms just complete themselves - As always, Home Goods and Target are always my saving graces when it comes to decor!!
Unfortunately, I know all too well how Home Goods and Tjmaxx work; If you see it, you buy it! Otherwise if you risk taking a lap around the store, it could be gone by the time you make your way back. I've had this happen on more than one occasion. Thankfully, all of these are pretty recent purchases so you should have some good luck finding these BUT, if you want to make a few online purchases, I've rounded up some pretty similar pieces to the ones pictured.. They aren't exactly the same but they will give you a very similar vibe :)

The faux roses - Home Goods
cheapest if purchased from HG :)

Sign - Home Goods
Similar HERE

Towels - Target
(the towels are new and your local target should have them ;))
Similar ones HERE (pink) HERE (ivory)

Rug - Home Goods
Similar HERE

Picture Frame - TjMaxx / Home Goods
Similar HERE

Happy Shopping! Hope y'all had a fantastic Tuesday xo
xx, tbp

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