Friday, February 19, 2016

gymin' it on vacation.....

So of course, even when we're on vacation, I have to get my sweat on. I usually do the classes at my home gym but when I'm out of town, I can't really stick to a class schedule considering most gyms (and hotels) don't offer what I'm used to (or at all) so I just sort of wing it with my workouts and do whatever I'm feeling I need. I usually like to stick with a full body workout just to be sure that I get it all in, even in a time crunch - and since I'm not limited to the hotel gym this trip, I was able to try out a local (and HUGE) gym here in FL that I have fallen in love with and I figured why not share what my workouts have been consisting of? So here it is:

15-20 mins on the StairMaster (depending on what I'm feeling) for a warm-up and then I jump into the weights - all free-weights, no machines or this.
I start with shoulders, alternating between 8lbs-15lbs. I alternate between shoulder-presses, lateral raises and upright rowing. I just do it until I'm tired, alternating between weights. 
Then I go into triceps using one(1) 15lb for two-arm tricep extensions and 10lbs for one-arm extensions. I just go until I can't any more. Never feeling pain, just pushing my limits with these! (Also, I do dips if I'm not up for weights when working triceps)
 Then last but not least, I do squats with weight on a bar and then I grab a 10lb weight and pulse lunges. 

I usually finish with sitting in the sauna for about 15-20 minutes to help me 'cool' down. 

Keep in mind, I'm no pro at working out, I just do what works best for me and honestly, there's really no method, I just get in what I can, when I can!

Let me know your workout routines while on vacation, your day-to-day and even some of your favorite classes to take - I'm always up for trying new things and hearing what works for others!

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xx, tbp

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