Saturday, January 2, 2016

simple hot chocolate....

The weather is FINALLY getting cooler - for now.
So I wanted to make a pretty quick (and healthy... ish) recipe for hot chocolate!

There's only two ingredients that I used:

Love Bean Fudge in Original (similar to Nutella but a much healthier option) -
ordered mine online and you can get that HERE.
and whole milk. That's it!

So here's how I did it:

Heated 3/4 cup of milk on the stove and then melted 3tbs of Love bean Fudge into the milk.
I added some of my homemade whip cream (click the link to make your own as well!) to the top & DONE.
 Of course you can add marshmallows or canned whip - do it however you like!
If you want homemade whip cream like I used - click here for the recipe :)
  It's super easy and absolutely delicious.

Also, if you don't want to wait for the Love Bean to deliver before you get to try this recipe, you can easily whip up something similar;
Just add 1tbs of cacao powder, 1/2tsp of sugar, 1/4tsp of coconut oil and that's all it takes to have yourself a healthy hot cocoa alternative! Just sweeten it or darken it to your liking -adding either more sugar or cacao.

Hope this helps y'all stay warm as the weather starts to get a little colder xo

Accessory details:
| Sunglasses
| Mug sold out but get one similar HERE


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