Wednesday, January 27, 2016


I have really been loving this Matcha Tea Latte (of sorts) lately, in addition to my Bulletproof coffee (you can find that recipe here). Since I've pretty much cut out sugar from my diet, I've needed something to curb my sweet tooth and thankfully, this has done it! For YEARS I loved waking up and making a super-sweet coffee but then when I started working my butt off at the gym with barely anything in return, I knew my diet was the reason. 
So what makes Matcha good for you? Well, according to Body Health Love, there are a few good reasons to drink this tea:
1. Loads of Antioxidants, including 100x the amount of EGCg 
2. Has a calming effect but you remain alert and not drowsy
3. Boosts memory and concentration
4. Increases energy levels and endurance
5. Burns calories
6. Detoxifies your body
7. Fortifies the immune system
8. Improves cholesterol 
9. The amazing, bold flavor of Matcha
(Find out more info on each by visiting their website here)

So now that you know the benefits of matcha,
 how do I make it?

1-2tsp Matcha
2oz hot water (I use my Keurig settings for this)
6oz of heated, organic Rice Milk
1/2-1tbs of agave light sweetener
and then my Ninja blender.


Add hot water, matcha and rice milk into the blender. Then blend until it's frothy at the top.
**Note: You can either add sweetener before you blend or you can taste-test to your liking afterwards. Agave is actually sweeter than sugar, so start off using just teaspoon and then increase until desired sweetness is reached.
Now, pour into a mug and enjoy!

xx, tbp


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