Thursday, January 21, 2016


mac makeup

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The PERFECT shade of pink. Super moisturizing and can be used on a casual day just as well as it can be dressed up. I pair this with my Angel lipglass and it's always the perfect pink combo.

If you're like me and enjoy wearing a red or dark lip from time-to-time, then this will be your new bff. Not only will your lipstick stay-put, it will keep your lips moisturized - even when you're forcing yourself to wear that overly-dry liquid lipstick that you hate to love.

This lipglass has been a staple of mine for the longest time! Mainly because I have really pigmented lips... Almost the color purple... so because other lip glosses can be very non-pigmented, I end up looking either sick or just really cold. Nothing has ever really worked with my lip color... Until I bought this. This shade is the perfect pink for dressing up or down. Just apply it to your bare lips or sweep it overtop Creme Cup for the perfect dressed-up shade.

If I could only bring one makeup item with me, this would be it. This concealor does a great job of bringing my face back to life since I have serious dark circles most days and I prefer not to look like I'm about to be cast in The Walking Dead. Thank you.

When I want to look put together with no effort whatsoever, I always reach for this. It has the coverage of foundation but is as weightless as a powder. Total win-win.

There's not really much to say other than I naturally have unruly eyebrows and I need all the help I can get at keeping them in their place. So if you're wondering, this stuff is amazing for that. I especially love that it's waterproof - and trust me, it really is - and the fact that it comes in so many different colors... definitely something for everyone. Plus, the spool is just small enough that I don't extend my eyebrow by another foot on my forehead and I still have ultimate control. 

This is my all. time. favorite eyeshadow. I have gone through about 3 of these because I always find a reason to use it. It's matte so it can really be used all over your face.. think contour, eyebrows, just to name a couple...  It really is a versatile little guy.

I use this paint pot mostly for an eyeshadow base. It matches my skin pretty flawlessy and actually works better as a eyeshadow primer than some of the other more popular ones I've used. I always go back to this. Always.

Last but not least... The large angled contour brush. Although I don't use this for contour, I've really fallen in love with it for blush. The natural fibers are SO good for blending and creating a seamless finish on your skin, especially with something as pigmented as blush.. or bronzer.



  1. I went to buy cream cup yesterday and they were sold out!!!! but I'm just gonna get it from Nordies now and wait a few days haha

    1. Lol, totally worth it! You won't regret buying it - promise! Xo



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