Saturday, January 2, 2016

delicious homemade whip cream...

This is probably one of the first things I learned how to whip up in the kitchen while helping my mom & grandma cook when I was growing up. This simple recipe will have you swearing you'll never use cool whip again!


• Heavy Whipping Cream
• Sugar
• Vanilla extract (optional
• a whisk/mixer
• a bowl (obviously) 

First step: If you're using a KitchenAid or anything of the like (which is the method I suggest), make sure you use the whipping attachment to make this easier and more efficient. If you're using man-power by DIYing it with a whisk and bowl, that's fine too. Just be prepared to get a little aggressive with the whipping - it takes a little while.
Second step: Pour the heavy whipping cream into a (preferably cold) bowl. You can achieve this by putting the bowl into your freezer before-hand. Using a bowl at room temp is fine too.. just make sure it isn't fresh out of the dishwasher or freshly washed with warm water. It will make this process longer and possibly prohibit the cream from whipping up properly.
Third step: Turn on your mixer or start using some elbow grease.
Fourth step: Once the cream starts to thicken, add the sugar by lightly sprinkling it around in circular motions. You don't want to collapse the whip by adding too much at once.
Also, depending on how much cream you used, just add sugar by 1/4tsp until it reaches the sweetness you prefer. I always wing it with this step so I really don't have a exact measurement on put here.
Fifth step: Add the vanilla by a few drops... just a few. Again, this will depend on your personal taste and how much cream you added. If you go for a few drops and end up with too much vanilla or sugar, just add more cream. It will whip up regardless, this just may add to your "cooking" time.

And that's it! It definitely seems a lot more drawn out than it really is - you honestly can't mess this recipe up so don't let the lengthy details rush you to buying store-bought again ;)

This whip cream tastes amazing over coffee, cakes, pies and most importantly, hot chocolate! If you want to get my homemade recipe for some delicious hot cocoa, then just click HERE :)

Happy New Year, y'all! XO


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