Sunday, January 10, 2016

Bulletproof your coffee....

Get ready because Monday is coming QUICK.
I am definitely that person that wakes up every morning and has to have a coffee. Don't get it confused though, I'm not talking about a cup full of Starbucks sugar - I actually stopped drinking their coffee a while ago since I prefer to have a little sugar with my coffee not coffee with my sugar, if you get what I'm sayin. 
     So since I've started really getting back into food ingredients (NOT just buying what's labeled organic) I started to realize that some of the coffee creamers I had been using were actually not so great after all. Mainly because of an ingredient called carrageenan.; you can find out more about that here but also because they were filled with sugar and cream and I've been cutting back tremendously on both in the past few weeks.
 Anyways, I quickly started doing some research to try and find the best alternative to creamer and unnecessary morning sugar and that's when I stumbled across Bulletproof Coffee - an absolutely delicious and sweet coffee drink with no dairy ingredients and minimal sugar. So what makes it taste so good all while being good for you? Surprisingly, just 4 ingredients: Ground coffee, coconut oil (unrefined so it has the coconut flavor), ghee (click to find out benefits) & coconut sugar.. Oh, and a blender.

Here's what I do:
1 // Ground my coffee beans and use Keurig to make 8oz of coffee. You can use the pods or any type of coffee you prefer. I just like the taste of fresh grounds.
2 // Then I pour the freshly brewed coffee into my blender (you can also use a nutribullet etc)
3 // Then I add 1tbs of unrefined coconut oil 
4 //  1.5-2tbs of Ghee
5 // Then add 2 teaspoons of Coconut sugar, unrefined
6 // put it all in a blender and blend it. It will have a smooth, milky color and be a bit frothy on top.

Pour it in a coffee cup and DONE.
Keep in mind that - Unrefined Coconut oil (the most pure aka virgin) has the distinct coconut smell and flavor while REFINED does not. Find more about the two here.

I'll also post the recipe to the protein pancakes in the picture at the top later on this week - they are DELICIOUS & easy to make so stay tuned.

*If you're interested in the science behind it all, then check out this video HERE.

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