Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Christmas time......

So I just finished up our front porch last week.... ahhhhh
Interior (and exterior) design has always been my thing... I just get such satisfying feeling when I've completed a project. Now, if you're talking about time, well, not so much... We were rushing to take our family pictures Thursday before I went out of town to NYC on Friday, lol. They got done and Christmas cards are ordered! Hallelujah! But anyways... I put together all of the items on my front porch, so I wanted to share just how easy it was and how you can DIY it for yourself :)

So all that I ended up using were a few faux barrie sticks, pinecones, 25ft live garland (that I purchased at SAMs Club for $12!), two plain wreaths, some twine to hang the wreaths, red burlap ribbon, a hot glue gun and some wire cutters that cut really well through the stems from the berries sticks.

*(All of these were purchased at Michaels and some were from last year)

Devon bought these really pretty green wreaths that only came with a red bow and live greenery. I twisted to bow so it would lay sideways, rather than hang from the top, hot glued the red burlap ribbon to the back of the velvet ribbon bow tails in order to add more dimension and then hot glued the pinecones and berries to the wreath greenery. 

After all of that, I just stuck and hot glued a couple of sticks to the garland that surrounded the door in order to bring all of the colors together. And for the final touch, I added some lights to the garland around the door. They're Martha Stewart 9ft, battery powered, LED lights. Woo to no wires!



  1. This is beautiful! Thanks for sharing, I will have to try the wreath out !

    1. Thank you! It was surprisingly pretty easy - you should have it up in no time! ;)



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