Thursday, December 17, 2015

christmas in new york......

Almost two weeks ago, we left for a quick girls trip to The Big Apple. For the short amount of time we planned to spend there, we made sure to pack in a TON of stuff. 
Here's a quick overview on what we did and little run down on the activities and good eats! 

So after jumping on a 12PM flight, getting settled into our hotel at The Row, we decided to make our first meal in NYC be the world-famous Bleecker Pizza. I'm not even lying when I say that it's hands-down the best pizza I've ever had. I'm rarely in the mood to eat pizza... but if I lived near this place, I'd probably take a trip at least once a week.. It's that good and a must-try for authentic NY pizza.

Moving on to the icing on the cake... figuratively and literally. Georgetown Cupcakes -  the best cupcakes on the face of the earth. Such a cute place too - if you
are ever near one, definitely go in and grab something! They're worth it! We also went to a little donut shop called Doughnut Plant on 23rd and we probably tried each donut that they had left. SUPER delicious. Oh, and the hot chocolate is absolutely amazing. Chocolate-y and creamy at the same time - SO GOOD. 

We did more than just eat, I promise! Of course we did some shopping and got to check out local shops around SoHo area and also got to experience our first warehouse sale with Madewell. Super fun but absolutely hectic, lol. No dressing rooms, just a rented space to sell everything 40+% off. You want to try it on? Strip down in the middle of the store and hope for the best.

We also made sure to do the Empire State building and be absolute tourists and see the view from 86 floors up. Seriously breathtaking - There's nothing like it. 
Just a heads up since we did both - do either On Top of the Roc or The Empire State Building. Don't do both. If you do want to do both, I'd suggest do Top of the Roc at the Rockefeller Center FIRST and then do The Empire State Building. The views are different but if you do The Empire State building first, like we did, then you've already spoiled yourself ;)

So you wanna experience some real New York stuff outside of the city? You have to do the Dyker Heights tour to see the Christmas lights. I was in serious amazement and think I walked around with my mouth hanging open the. entire. time. Every blade of grass was covered with lights. Yards were FILLED with decorations. Literally, and I mean literally filled. The effort that they put into the whole thing is amazing. 

We also went to a few shows while we were there, one being The Blue Man Group.. It's one of those things you have to do at least once, ya know. Oh, and a heads up, just don't show up late. You will definitely be apart of the show; probably without choice ;) 
We also saw the Rockettes. Amazing. The coordination and perfection of each move is far beyond just talent alone. You really have to see it to believe what I'm trying to say! Just speechless.
Also the Madame Tussaud's wax museum was a little touristy spot we went to to try and pass some time. My favorite part of the entire museum though was being able to see the three firemen that raised the flag upon the rubble on 9/11. It gave me chills seeing their faces carved to perfection and to see their expressions when that picture was taken... Being able to stand beside them... It was such a surreal moment just seeing it all, and how real they looked. Makes you stop and catch your breath when you realize you're looking at the faces of American heroes.

Another, more personal moment, was being able to go to the exact spot Devon proposed to me at in Central park more than 4 years ago. It took everything in me not to cry because the last time I stood in that exact spot, I couldn't have even dreamt of the life I'd be living; having a home and a little family of our own... It was a special moment for me during the trip and I'm really looking forward to when we all get to go back and take in the moment together :)

All-in-all, Christmas in New York is absolutely beautiful, busy and fun. Make sure you go sight-see the window displays at Saks and Macy's as well as the Rockefeller tree! There's really so much to do, we didn't even get to scratch the surface in 4 days but nonetheless, we got in enough that my feet hurt from walking so much, ha! 

xo taylor


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