Saturday, November 28, 2015


I can't even believe Thanksgiving is over already! This year, I wanted my entire family to come over our house for Thanksgiving so we could host our first dinner at our new house. ❤️ My mom came into town a few days before to help me get everything in order and ready for the big meal. SO thankful for her help! Everything went perfectly - I couldn't have asked for a better thanksgiving! So onto the reason for this blog post: FOOD. Since we hosted this year, I ended up with the majority of the food... Which is great, but there's really only so many days I can chow-down on turkey before I'm over it until the next year. So, if you've been trying to figure out a really good way to change it up a little bit, then here's a really good recipe to keep things delicious X

I named it:


1/4c butter
1c onion
1- 1 1/2c celery
2c sliced carrots
1/4c flour
3-5c turkey broth or chicken broth (depending on thickness)
 2c milk or heavy cream 
1 package of chicken ramen noodles
1 pkg potato Gnocchi
2tsp salt
1/2 tsp pepper
1tsp dried parsley
Cooked turkey

Add butter, onion & celery in a pan and sauté until ingredients are soft but not brown. Then add flour and blend well. Then place the following ingredients in a pot: 2 cups turkey or chicken broth/stock - whichever you have will work fine (I used chicken stock). Add 2 cups milk/cream. I used 1c cream and 1c whole milk. Then add one package of chicken ramen noodles, along with the spice packet that's inside of the ramen package and 1 package of potato gnocchi's. Heat up the mix. Once heated, add your spices and herb: Salt, pepper and parsley.  Then add however much turkey you want. Once all of that is added and the gnocchi's and ramen noodles are soft, add the butter, onion, celery and carrot mix. Stir until everything is blended. If the soup is too thick, add milk by the cup-full until you've reached the consistency that you prefer. I had to add some milk and water to get it a little more thinned out. 

*Edited to add that if you use chicken broth, it may be a little more salty than if you use chicken/turkey stock. I would suggest that if you use broth, don't add the 2tsp salt or if you do, just add more milk or cream. It will thin it out some but it won't change the flavor, it'll only remove some of the saltiness - hope this helps! x

Now, I want y'all to know that this is a hearty soup so it is super creamy and thick. Nothing like a chicken soup but more like a broccoli cheddar-type soup; Thick, creamy and absolutely delicious!

I hope y'all get a chance to make this and give it a try! It's definitely a staple in our house ;) XO


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  1. I just found this recipe, gave it a try and WOW! SOOOO GOOD!!!!! I had to substitute the turkey with chicken since that's all I had on-hand so I can't wait to make it again with turkey this fall season!



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