Thursday, September 10, 2015

Sippy Cup Faves; Phases 1,2&3 :)

I can't remember for the life of me at what age we switched Penelope over from bottles to sippy cups. I do know that it was around (maybe) the 11mo/12mo mark but we didn't stop giving the bottle cold-turkey... We took it one step at a time so obviously the adjustment time was easier. Here are the three phases that helped us ditch bottles easily and quickly ;)

  • 4 months: Switched from Tommee Tippee bottles to Nuby 3in1 bottles (pictured below) We still used the Tommee Tippee bottles (not pictured) but usually only during the night.
  • Around 6 months we switched the nipple and used the spout tip that that Nuby 3in1 bottles come with.
  • Around 12 1/2 months we switched to the Munchkin weighted straw
  • At 17 months we started using the regular Tommee Tippee insulated straw sippy cups :)

1) The Nuby bottle that transforms into a partial sippy:
We started giving her these at around 4 months old because that was about the time that she started taking interest in holding her own bottle. Of course, the regular bottle-like nipple was used instead of the spout nipple that comes with it. The handles were the seller for us (and her) because it gave her more control and of course, easier handling. P is SUPER - and I mean SUPER - independent. She's always been that way, always will! So when I saw her getting frustrated with me feeding her and her trying to get a good grip on the huge Tommee Tippee bottles, thats when we went to switch it up. It was totally on her terms.. We didn't take away anything that she wasn't willing to give up. I blogged about these, which you can read [here] but here's another picture of the Nuby bottles that grow with baby :)

2) We used the Nuby spout-tip until she started walking because then I noticed that she was't really laying down to drink anymore (obvs because she was walking) she was always struggling to drink without choking and it falling out of her mouth because she would try to drink on the run - literally. So that's when I went out and got the Munchkin weighted cup. THIS CUP IS EVERYTHING!!!!! It's spill-proof and they can drink it laying down, running, walking, rolling - whatever, wherever - all because of the weight on the bottom f the straw that literally slides all through the bottle, making sure that it's in the milk, formula or whatever your child is drinking! The only problem we've encountered is that the liquid will come through the top of the straw sometimes (very rare) because if the liquid gets heated (i.e. being outside) it expands and thats why its' only way is UP... and out. But hey, it's a sippy cup and from what I've read, they all have that 'one thing' and after a year and a half, I'm used to the mess... It comes with the territory of having a little one, right?

Last but definitely not least:
3) I'm gonna cry because this is legit toddler territory. This is like the last bottle before actually using a CUP. Lord, this is going too fast.
ANYWAYS: We stay true to our favorite brands so Tommee Tippee it is! These are the TOMMEE TIPPEE STRAW TUMBLERS. We got ours at Target (of course) and these are so awesome. They are independent cups and NOT spill proof but they have a lid and straw and that's our main reason for getting these at this point. They don't have that "leaking" problem that the Munchkin weighted cups have but at 1 1/2, P sets hers down flat so there's really no concern for spillage. I also love that they're insulated in order to keep her drinks cooler for longer. They have a great design and they come in a variety of colors.
The only thing that I sort of had an issue with was when I gave it to her for the first time - I noticed she wasn't getting anything through the straw and I could tell she was trying hard so I tried it myself and nothing was coming through. Why? Because the little rubber piece that allows air flow into the bottle for easier sucking wasn't cut through all the way. Easy fix tho! I just squeezed it a few time back and forth and it finally split. It was cut, but I assume it just didn't go all the way through during production. Not a big deal. But just make sure you watch for that if you get these!


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