Monday, June 8, 2015

VIDEO! WHAT'S IN MY BAG: Gym Bag Edition

So, I'm jumping out on this limb here with a new branch on my blog: YouTube videos - EEEEK! I've been contemplating this for a while and my life motto is to never be sitting on your porch swing at 80 years old, wishing you would have done something in life; SO HERE I AM! This is my first video and while I do have an amazing camera that Devon bought me, this opportunity was too good to pass up (and I couldn't sleep as per usual) so I took the chance and filmed this on my MacBook, IN MY KITCHEN. It's super unprofessional but that's how I'm rollin and it's easier than pictures and words and you'll get the point.... I'll try harder on my next one  - maybe ;) But for now, here y'all go! WHAT'S IN MY BAG: Gym Bag Edition! XO

thanks for watching :))

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