Tuesday, March 31, 2015

What we're loving at ONE YEAR!

I can't even BELIEVE that I'm posting this! This past year has been the best and so many things have changed BUT even with all of the changes that come a long with parenthood, I'm still proud to say that these are STILL our top-fave products that we use DAILY! These have actually lasted longer than any of the other baby products that we purchased so if I had to make my baby shower registry over again, these would make the list before anything else - they're all so worth it!

So without any more rambling, here is our list of FAVORITE PRODUCTS AT ONE YEAR!!!! Eeeeek!!!!

4Moms Breeze playard. P has used this since she was BORN! For either diaper changes with the bassinet on the top when she was just a few days old to now playing in it when I have to get some things down around the house. She LOVES IT. And I love it because of the EASY up and down - you can do it with one hand and that is SERIOUSLY necessary!!!! Begging them to come out with a travel one as we've had to use a Greico one on trips and it doesn't compare in the slightest. I always have to get Devon to take it down and put it up because I can never get it right - ugh. 4Moms wins, yet again ;)

Honest soothing bottom wash - this is self-explanatory. Baby skin is sensitive and this stuff gets the job done all while being gentle on the skin. Love

I have been asked SO SO SOOOO many times which Amber necklace we use for Penelope and where we got it from - well here it is! We use the Caramel 12" twist clasp from Hazelaid.com :) I have heard conflicting stories about the darker ones being more potent and of course the other side of it with people saying that the lighter ones are better, so I said screw it and bought the mid-colored one. Figured it would be the best option and so far, it has been. Penelope went almost an entire year without a single tooth - crazy! But now she's trying to cut about 5 all at once. You can imagine how painful this could be for her but I swear, you would NEVER even know she was getting a tooth, let alone almost FIVE! I NEVER take it off and she's worn it since she was 3 months old. Before 3 months, she had the anklet and that was a twist clasp as well and when she started messing with it to take it off, that's when I switched her to the necklace. We also bathe her in it and haven't noticed any issues. I swear by this thing!

We stopped using bottles at around 10 months and have since used this Nuby sippy and we also use the sippy top that goes a long with the original Nuby bottles that we have been using since Penelope was about 5 months old - those work great for bedtime because of the handles when she starts to get a little sleepy ;)

This boon drying rack has been our A1 since day 1. Literally. It gets airflow in the bottles to dry them quick - we also use this now for our cups and mugs - completely universal!

The Bloom Nano highchair - ahhhh! TRUST ME. We JUST purchased this and Penelope is almost a year old. I'm not sure how we made it work before that, but we did! I looked at every single highchair you could IMAGINE.  I struggled with what to get because they all seemed to have pros and cons but I FINALLY decided on this one! I originally wanted the Bloom Fresco but after reading reviews about how much of a pain it was to clean and how it can't just fold up and go away if we have guests or something, The Bloom Nano won for us :) The other plus side? We travel A LOT in the summer and we needed something that could fold up and be able to come with us if need-be so this one takes the cake on all levels AND they come in the cutest colors!
We got ours HERE :)

The Prince Lionheart wipe warmer!!! Such a lifesaver. We stopped using it for awhile and then not to long ago, P started getting so squirmy when we would do a diaper change and that's when it clicked - she hates the room temp wipes! They're too cold for her, so I plugged this baby in and we haven't had a single problem since - hallelujah! We actually have two to transport around the house, that's how much we love it lol

The oh-so-famous sleep sheep!!!!! We have used this every. single. night. for an entire year!!!! We even brought this to the hospital with us when I delivered Penelope! It has lasted this long and I don't even think we've had to change the batteries haha it's a MUST!

This list is really short but it covers all of out essentials that we use every single day! Being a mom is such a joy seriously loving this age and watching her explore & grow :)


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