Monday, March 23, 2015

Party details | #penelopes1st

I absolutely LOVE decorating! My wedding was my first endeavor with this and ever since, I've loved it more and more, with each approaching event! 

 I started planning for Penelope's party when she was 6 months old - call me crazy, but those 6 months flew by so I knew the next 6 wouldn't be any different. I started deciding on a theme back in November and everything that I saw, never compared to the theme of PINK. I'm sure at some point, maybe even her 2nd birthday, she'll be dead-set on a specific theme, so I'm getting my faves out of the way in the mean time ;)

I am so excited to share a few pictures and all of the details with y'all! It was such a beautiful day, spent with all of our friends and family.... I couldn't have asked for a better way to spend her actual first birthday!! Really a dream come true as I'm lucky enough to have a beautiful daughter and an amazing husband! So thankful :)

First things first:  I ended up on Tom Kat Studio and they had all of the specific party decorations I had been looking for that I couldn't seem to find anywhere else! I purchased the wooden forks and spoons, along with the straws, striped condiment cups and the plastic cups with the lids for the tiny guests that needed it ;) I also found some great balloons that we used on there as well!

I DID go to Party City for the plain white paper plates, white paper cups, faux rose petals and balloons.

I ended up making the flower arrangements, and although I didn't make the cake (we got ours custom-made HERE from Shockley's Sweet Shoppe) I did add the flowers on the top :) I used Hydrangeas, some greenery, pink Gerber Daisies and carnations. These flowers last a long time and I swear they can make anything super gorgeous!

The white dishes and cake stand were bought at non other than Home Goods! I also bought the napkins from there as well. They are always my go-to for anything that goes in my house!

Here's a few things that I made myself :
I made the gold mason jars that are pictured by simply buying a few mason jars and milk bottles from Michaels, a can of gold spray paint from there as well and spraying them in the garage. I made the glittered O-N-E letters by spray painting plain wooden letters that I bought at Michaels and then drenching them in Mod Podge and sprinkling glitter all over them and sealing it with Acrylic based clear spray paint. They turned out amazing! And were literally half the price of the ones that you'll find shops making them off of Etsy!
The gold-framed chalk board was also made by me before I was pregnant by simply buying a picture frame that I liked and rolling on some black chalkboard paint directly on to the glass that comes in the frame. SO EASY and it has lasted almost 2 years at this point and is still one of my favorite things to use around the house for any photo-op moment :) 

Picture taken after the cleanup 

Custom made banner, all items purchased @ Michaels

So sad because I didn't take a picture of the krispy cream donuts we had on the table OR the chocolate donuts and M&Ms!! But they were there and a HUGE hit! One can never go wrong with donuts!
Heres a picture that was taken yesterday by my aunt of the whole setup :)

Cake, Krispy cream donuts, chocolate donuts and M&Ms.

 I hope I helped some of y'all with a little planning of your own! It's so amazing seeing it all come together, just the way you envisioned! Please email me with any/all questions you may have, I'm more than willing to help you make your vision come to life as well!  XO


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