Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Mama lifesavers | 9 Months

I haven't done one of these posts in a while so I figured I'm due for an update of things we're currently loving at 9 months -

Bath time is a whole new experience now that we've ditched the infant bath. The 4Moms tub was so worth it while we used it but now the big tub is how we do bath time these days and these little bubble bath packs by Aura Cacia with essentials oils are THE. BEST!!! They smell amazing and I looove essential oils as-is and truly believe that they have calming and healing properties so these are a win-win for us.
      I let P bathe in the Eucalyptus when she was sick and it made her breath so much easier and cleared her out so she could sleep soundly during the night. We also love using the Lavender packet, which I would have taken a picture of if I hadn't thrown it away two nights ago but nonetheless, those two are definitely our favorite scents! There's also a citrus one that I'll try but that would be used for energy etc and usually we do bath time at night so I prefer the Eucalyptus and Lavender in order to help Penelope wind down for the night.

 For starters, Penelope has only been sick ONCE so far - woooo! I am so happy about that!! I got sick first and shortly after, P caught the little flu thing that was going around but thankfully, I had bought some Zarbees cough + cold medicine way beforehand just for this moment, and trust me, I am seriously beyond happy that I did because she went to bed fine and of course woke up with a terrible cough and was completely miserable. This stuff works miracles because she bounced back so fast after I gave her just one dose of the medicine - thank goodness for miracle products!!

Who knew anyone could fall in love with wipes?! I guess babies will make you notice the little things HA.
   I get these wipes from Whole Foods by the case. Literally. I buy them for $16 for a box of 6! They're probably the best wipes I've used and of course they're safe and natural so it's win-win. I also have to be completely honest and say that I actually have fallen in love with them mainly because they double as the perfect face wipe for removing my makeup.... I don't even really bother with traditional face wipes anymore. I'll probably be the person that's still buying wipes even after my kid is out of diapers because I've become accustomed to needing one for every single thing - #momlife.

So, I was in Whole Foods, checking out the baby stuff, P was hungry and I saw these bad boys and thought why not..... Turns out, these are the greatest things ON. THE. ENTIRE. EARTH. I just want to start off by saying that before I had Penelope, I had an entire list of stuff I wasn't going to give my child. These pouches made the list. But after realizing that I need more than 2 arms and hands and sometimes you have to appreciate the convenience of someone else's EXTREMELY smart idea, you learn really fast to NOT knock it before you try it. I always spoon-feed Penelope these pouches, check the expiration date and I ALWAYS taste-test these before I give them to her. I would do that for myself so obviously it doesn't take any extra time to do it for her. These pouches are the best thing OUT! And of course they're organic.... I'm still a psycho about that - somethings never change. Now, don't get me wrong, we BLW and she eats mainly soild foods - basically whatever we eat, she eats - but these are super convenient for when we're out and the picture shows her faves!

      I had mentioned on another blog that we were thinking about switching to a convertible car seat.... She's 9 months and can sit in a highchair and in a cart with absolutely no help from me so we ended up ordering the Maxi Cosi Pria 85 from Nordstrom right before Christmas. If a car seat could be a dream come true, THIS IS IT. Installation was the EASIEST thing ever and every part can easily be taken off in order to be washed without un-installing the car seat - hallelujah! Taking apart her Maxi Cosi Mico infant seat was a nightmare so this new car seat was almost the best thing we've bought - too bad she doesn't spit up any more because I actually wouldn't mind it with this one ;)

I ALWAYS have people ask where I get Penelope's bows from and the ones she's been wearing lately are from Ruby Blue Inc. Check out their instagram [HERE] to get a feel for what they offer. They're the BEST quality and unlike other bows I've bought, these stretch enough to last more than a month. I bought the cream lace one when she was like 5 months and she can still wear it and trust me, her little head has grown. We love em'.
And speaking of fashion, H&M has the cutest baby clothes. Like, ever. If you have a little babe, go check out their stuff. Adult clothes made for small people. Dying at the cuteness!

Products Mentioned:
| Aura Cacia Bubble Bath: Purchased at Whole Foods |
| 365 Baby Wipes: Purchased at Whole Foods |
| Ella's Kitchen Wakey Wakey Baby Cereal &
Organic Food Pouches: Purchased at Whole Foods but
Target carries them as well along with a ton of other grocery stores |


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