Thursday, January 1, 2015


I know that all of us probably stayed up way beyond what we had anticipated to do, as per usual but after reading this blog, you'll be able to fake a good nights sleep from here on out ;)   
BareMinerals STROKE OF LIGHT = The best under-eye and all-over concealer, hands down. This covers up anything and everything.. along with those annoying dark circles that seem to accumulate for absolutely no reason, even without lack of sleep - grrr. I am currently wearing #2, which has more of a yellow undertone than #1 but don't be fooled by the description as I'm normally more of a neutral shade with my other products (pinks & yellows combined) so if you are too, then #2 would probably fit you well and be your best bet as I think it's the most universal.
     Another thing that's great about this stuff: It doesn't cake up underneath nor does it crease - this is huge for anything that goes on underneath the eye because if you've ever had anything that does crease or cake up, you'd know how useless a product like that can be, especially when you NEED it to do its job. ;)

The applicator of this is really my favorite thing because a lot of the other ones come with a pump that you end up getting all over your hands, something I can't staaaand. With this, you unscrew the applicator and dab the tip underneath the eye and use a beauty blender to blend it in and you're done - the 2 easiest steps to faking a good nights sleep! Really, if I could only have two makeup products, it would probably be this and mascara. I can't live without it.

I hope every one is able to rest up today and enjoy the first day of 2015! Page 1 of 365 - make it a good one! XOX



  1. Hope you had a great first day of 2015 as well, this sounds great :) lovely photos btw


    1. Thank you, I appreciate it!!! Happy New Year to you as well! XO



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