Saturday, January 17, 2015

21 Quotes to start the week XO

I love people that are honest and candid... People that strive to always be better, not bitter. I love the ones that always build others up rather than tearing them down and who appreciate advice from the ones that have been there before you. We're all going to travel on different paths and come across our own success along with failures. No one is meant to travel your road and you're not meant to travel someone else's. Be kind, forgive but most importantly, love. Appreciate the great relationships God has brought into your life and embrace the new ones. 
I live to see others happy and embracing all of the chapters of their life... Taking one day at a time without rushing perfection or time. All good things worth having are worth waiting ;) 

I went on Pinterest and was inspired by these quotes and wanted to share and since it's that start to the week, I figured no better time than now to share with y'all XO



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