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| The cure for dry hair during the winter |

Recently, I have seen SO many posts by girls needing a remedy for dry hair so I decided that it would be worth another blog! Almost 2 years ago I posted a DIY Hot Oil Hair Treatment [HERE] and it was so popular and had a lot of good feedback and reviews! Since then, I've updated a few things but of course,  if you've used the previous one beforehand and loved that, it never hurts to stick with what you know ;) But for those of you wanting something a little bit different, here's one for you XO

Coconut Oil Hair Mask

2-4tbs Organic Coconut Oil
1tbs Organic Almond Oil (optional)
1tbs Organic Honey
*Amount depending on hair needs
*The best coconut oil to use is the one sold at Trader Joes Organic Coconut Oil - it smells the beach, coconuts and summer all in one jar - LOOVE!

Add all ingredients into a glass mixing bowl,
place the bowl in the microwave and heat until the coconut oil is semi-melted, about 30-45seconds
(You can also heat over a stove but this can get extremely hot so make sure you use this method with EXTREME caution. NEVER apply oil that has been bubbling or heated for a very long time.)
Once the coconut oil is semi-melted, mix all of the ingredients together to create an almost watery paste. Once mixed, apply coconut oil mixture all over your head/hair, being sure to start at the ends,  and finish up by massaging product into the roots. Make sure your entire scalp and hair are covered by the coconut mixture and then put your hair in a bun (try to use a clip rather than using an elastic) and then place a shower cap over you hair and let it sit for 1hr-1.5hrs. You can also sleep in this mask for the absolute best results.
After the wait time is over, jump in the shower and wash/condition (depending on personal preference) and dry and style as usual.

This is how I did mine with the length and thickness of my hair:
I used 3 1/2tbs coconut oil, and 1 1/2tbs honey. Heated it in the microwave for 30 seconds, mixed up the product, let it cool for just a minute while stirring and then I placed the bowl into my sink and I dipped my hair in the bowl and slowly worked my way to my roots, adding a little more hair with each dip and massaged the remaining oil into my roots and scalp. I then kept my coconut oil mask on for 1hr and then jumped into the shower. I did my normal shower routine and left the shampoo job for last to let the humidity from the shower sort of make sure I let this thing work its magic 100%. I also had to wash my hair with shampoo twice to make sure the oil was completely rinsed out.
Since I typically do a deep conditioning treatment once a week (which I'll go into shortly), I didn't feel that I needed to sleep in the coconut oil and I only left it on for 1hr, which I felt was plenty for the current needs of my hair.
I have to finish it with the fact that my hair is SOO shiny, smells amazing and is beyond soft. This is saying A LOT since for the last few months I have slowly started adding blonde back into my hair that was originally colored dark brown. You can imagine the damage it caused and I recently cut about 3 inches off as well because my ends had completely had it. I haven't done a hot oil treatment in FOREVER so this was a good jump-start for the holidays ;)

The second thing that I do rather often and have a huge obsession with are deep conditioning hair masks. I cut and color my hair regularly so this helps ensure that my hair lays somewhat flat throughout the day - it's DEFINITELY something I do regularly in the summer because I have super curly hair so I NEED that extra bit of moisture or my hair is a frizzy mess the entire day.

Moroccan Oil Weightless Mask with the travel-size mask.

My absolute favorite products are ANYTHING by Moroccan Oil. You will probably have to get them from a salon but this stuff is SO worth it. Pricey, but it lasts a LONG time! I love both the Weightless and Intense Hydrating Masks, depending on my hair needs. If you have thin hair or hair that doesn't particularly take well to lots of oil, I'd suggest the weightless mask. You'll still get the same results, I promise!

I hope this has been helpful - let me know if you try either of these methods and let me know how it worked out for you :) Xox

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