Thursday, November 13, 2014

Tis' the season for RED LIPS!

      It's amazing how a good red lip can be the easiest accessory for any event or holiday party and I currently can't get over how gorgeous [MAC All Fired Up] is. It's the perfect matte lip that can EASILY be applied as a bold color or a sheer color for the perfect daytime look! 
(Of course it'll depend on how you apply it - swipe for bold, dab for light ;))
      It didn't make my lips dry in the slightest and it was still moisturizing after I had worn it for awhile - SO GOOD! I totally get that not everyone wants to pay $16 for a lipstick they might wear a handful of times so I hunted down a drugstore brand and a mid-price range brand so everyone can experience this look this upcoming holiday season!
Here are the two lipsticks that I'd suggest if you're wanting to try this color out:

In [Bloody Mary] $6
Which can probably be found in any store that sells NYX, 
the link I'm giving you is to ULTA


In [Valentine] $13
I actually have this one and didn't even realize they were the same color until I was wanting to wear a red lip and started comparing the two and that's when realized they were identical, lol

& of course here's the link again for the actual 
lipstick that I'm wearing in the pic above:

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  1. Love the red lips!!! NYX has the best colors in my opinion so I will give the one you recommended a try! Thanks!!!!

  2. Thank you! And I hope you enjoy it - it looks even better than the picture! XO



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