Tuesday, November 4, 2014

DISNEY | 2014 xo

| the h a p p i e s t place on earth |

     I've FINALLY got around to making a collage of our Disney trip and posting my favorite memories from it! Going in October is such a good month for Florida because it's not scorching hot and it's not super cold so it ended up being the perfect time to go with a 7 month old - and at this age, YES, babies can enjoy a handful of rides too ;) The Little Mermaid being my personal favorite from the trip, along with Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean... We definitely rode those the most - seriously, so. much. fun. And thanks to P for making it perfectly acceptable for us to be kids again - no questions asked. HA 
And here's a fun little tip if you're planning on going to Disney: If you go, go in October during their 'Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween' because there's literally HALF of the people there for that as there are during the day, during normal park hours, which basically meant NO WAIT TIME for any ride we wanted to ride - jackpot! The event is after 6 or 7PM and you have to buy separate tickets but I personally feel it's better to go for that than to go during the day, when the lines are twice as long and it's twice as hot. We literally went right up the the front for any ride we wanted to - it was a rarity for Disney, that's for sure but definitely made the experience sooo much more fun!
     Last thing, if you're a foodie like me, GO TRY BJ's Restaurant and Brewhouse in downtown Orlando and get the Pizookie!!!!! Literally best. thing. EVER. It's a giant cookie, topped with ice cream (pic below) and I'm seriously planning a trip around going there again because they're THAT delicious! Devon has been talking about them for FOREVER - ever since he went to Huntington Beach like 6 years ago so when we saw this on our way back, I knew we had to go there for dinner that night and being true to my character, it was seriously that important LOL
     Their food is delicious as well so it's an all-around good eating experience - and if you're into trying new beer/wine, then this place is perfect for you too because they have so many crazy things to choose from - you're bound to find something ya love!

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