Wednesday, November 12, 2014


     Blush is one of my absolute FAVORITE things to wear, even when I'm not really wearing any makeup at all. Blush is always the one thing I don't leave the house without because you can go from "I just rolled outta bed" to looking like you've already had 3 cups of coffee in just 2 quick brush strokes and that's why these two shades are the perfect, neutral colors that can easily be worn day or night, keeping you vibrant ;) The colors are [Deep Throat] and [Luster]. DT is a really gorgeous goldeny-pink color that's described as a pink-peach on the Sephora's website and LUSTER is a golden-apricot color that I actually used OVER the DT blush and as a highlighter and it looked so good applied that way -such a warm hue for a fall day. 
So if you're wanting something a little bit different than the norm and don't want anything too drastic, then these two blushes are the ones for you!

If you purchase them or already have them, PLEASE let me know how much you love them! XO

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  1. so funny because i've been eyeing these two for the longest time and have even seen a few you tubers talk about these colors and i had always wondered what they looked like up close! now i def have to get these. thanks soooo much for doing this blog post!!!!!!! :))))))

    1. Absolutely! Once you see these in person, you will die! They are absolutely AMAZING! Thanks for reading! XO



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